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Real Conversations is Link TV's way of bringing our online community into our on-air shows! We want to hear what you have to say about timely topics, and we'll broadcast the best comments. Join the conversation!

Real Conversations: Soliya Project

Real Conversations: Soliya Project

Link TV's new series "Real Conversations" follows the discussions of a dozen university students -- representing the Muslim world, Europe, and the U.S. -- who gather in weekly 2-hour webcam conversations to discuss today's hot topics.
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Question of the week:
Where do you want the world to be twenty years from now?

Link's new television series Real Conversations features the Soliya Project, a fascinating and timely dialogue between a dozen university students representing the Muslim world, Europe, and the U.S. Watch this episode online now and tell us what you think! Click for airdates.


Each week you'll have a chance to chat live around a featured Link TV video stream, or join Link TV guests in a hosted chat.

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