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Global Link of World Educators (GLOWE)

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Link TV's Global Link of World Educators (GLOWE) pilot initiative uses Link TV’s media programs and dedicated learning guides to help develop global cultural and media literacy.

All learning guides meet national and state learning standards, and you can easily access everything online. Scroll down for a list of available curriculums.

Link TV/GLOWE: Bringing international stories and global perspectives to students and educators.

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Know the News is an interactive media literacy initiative of Link TV. Check it out!  Compare news coverage from around the world, test your knowledge of how news is shaped and even shape some yourself!

One Nation Learning Guides

Muslims in America: Stories not Stereotypes

 A new educational initiative utilizing the One Nation film submissions, these guides are teacher-friendly, classroom tested and sure to get your students thinking and talking about Islam, tolerance, freedom of expression and what it means to be an American today.

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Global Link Teachers Curriculum: EARTH FOCUS


Earth Focus

An environmental news magazine that puts a human face on pressing global issues. This essential series features under-publicized stories on how changes to the Earth's resources & climate are affecting people all around the world.


Click on each learning guide to learn more:


Earth Focus Episode 10: Clean Water


LEARNING GOAL: This lesson will review how clean, unsalted water is essential for living, and introduce the various problems and injustices that follow when communities lack easy access to this fundamental resource.
Grades: 6-8, 9-12

Subjects: Earth and Space Science, Life Sciences


Global Link Teachers Curriculum: GLOBAL PULSE


Global Pulse

Global Pulse is a fast-moving and informative television and web series that helps navigate the news of the world. Each 3-to-5 minute episode looks at the news, the world and ourselves in a new way.

Each day Global Pulse compares and contrasts news worldwide, as presented by diverse national broadcasters - tracking the important stories you might have missed, and finding new angles on stories you thought you understood.


Click on each learning guide to learn more:


Global Pulse: Media Frenzy and the Forgotten Refugees


LEARNING GOAL: How do we compare two humanitarian stories in the news: one from the United States and one international? How do we analyze media coverage and the way decisions about reporting are made? How can we construct our own news report?
Grades: 6-8     

Subjects: Language Arts


Global Pulse: Turkey’s Headscarf Battle


LEARNING GOAL: What is the ongoing controversy in Turkey about allowing women to wear the Muslim headscarf in public universities? How can we discuss the issue and connect this to our own lives? What is the relationship between religion and government, and what influence has each had over the other in modern societies?

Grades: 9-12

Subjects: Social Studies & Government


Global Pulse: Guantanamo Bay - The Constitution Asserted


LEARNING GOAL: What are the ongoing controversies concerning detainees, “illegal combatants,” and Guantanamo Bay? How does the global news media report on these controversial issues? How can we analyze the tone, target, and bias present in mainstream news?

Grades: 9-12

Subjects: Social Studies & Government


Global Pulse: War Isn’t News Anymore?


LEARNING GOAL: How does global media coverage of the war in Iraq differ between the United States and the rest of the world? 

Grades: 9-12

Subjects: Social Studies, World History


Global Pulse: 2008 Election and the Global Media


LEARNING GOAL: How did the global media present the issues and candidates in the 2008 US presidential campaign? What are the important issues and values in your community for our next president to represent and address?

Grades: 9-12

Subjects: Government, US History


Global Link Teachers Curriculum: LATIN PULSE / PULSO LATINO


Latin Pulse

Latin Pulse is a half-hour, bilingual English/Spanish news magazine that presents news and analysis on Latin America through the eyes of Latin American media.

Each program, broadcast with both English and Spanish subtitles, covers major issues presented by reports selected from newscasts from different Latin American countries. The topics are enhanced with live discussions involving experts.


Latin Pulse: Indigenous People in Latino America


LEARNING GOAL: Who are the indigenous people of Latin America, where do they live, and what are they fighting to protect?

Grades: 9-12

Subjects: Social Studies, World History


Latin Pulse: The Immigration Issue


LEARNING GOAL: What are the current issues and various perspectives of immigration in the United States?  What are the complexities of immigration policy and the various stakeholders this issue impacts?

Grades: 9-12

Subjects: Social Studies & Government


Global Link Teachers Curriculum: EXPLORE



Explore is a philanthropic multimedia project funded by the Annenberg Foundation that showcases extraordinary nonprofit efforts and leaders around the world. Through fact-finding missions to identify potential grant recipients, members of the Explore team see first hand where and how possible financial support might be used. Explore opens the door to a world most people never get to see - one that has been neglected by the mainstream media. Viewers meet the people affected by positive change catalyzed by philanthropy, and just as importantly, the leaders creating it.


Explore: China


LEARNING GOAL: What are some particular issues facing modern China, such as the environment, human rights, women’s issues, or education?
Grades: 6-8

Subjects: Social Studies &/or Language Art


Explore: India - Lesson One - Kiran Centre: Creating Future Leaders


LEARNING GOAL: How do educational opportunities to children with different abilities create future leaders?  How can I be a leader?
Grades: 6-8

Subject: Social Studies

Explore: India - Lesson Two - Fighting for India's Wildlife


LEARNING GOAL: How is India struggling to save its unique wildlife? What can be done to save animals in my own community?
Grades: 6-8

Subjects: Social Studies, Earth Science


Explore: India - Lesson Three - The Language of Dance


LEARNING GOAL: How is classical Indian dance a language as well as a story telling medium? How can I use body gestures to express myself?
Grades: 6-8

Subjects: Social Studies, Language Arts