The Team - Zimbabwe

THE TEAM - Zimbabwe


The Team - Zimbabwe is a 13-part dramatic comedy television series, which tackles societal issues in Zimbabwe today, such as ethnic and socio-economic differences, intergenerational relations, and gender equality. Produced by Search for Common Ground with a 100% local cast and crew and directed by a Rumbi Katedza, a Zimbabwean woman, The Team - Zimbabwe shines a light on the importance of unity and working together to succeed at the individual, family, community, and national levels.


Watch Thursdays at 5:30am ET/2:30am PT and 

Fridays at 10:30am ET/7:30am PT. Click the episode links in the guide below for airdates and to watch online.



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Featured Video: Episode 1
The Team - Zimbabwe: Pride

The Team - Zimbabwe: Pride

(Episode 1) When the Big City Bullets coach comes to their village to scout for the next big football star, Pablo and Beans -- two very different young boys -- are brought together by their shared passion for the game.

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In a run-down, mining town in Zimbabwe, two young men from different backgrounds meet. Although they have little money, they have plenty of energy and dreams.


The smooth-talking, handsome Pablo is a natural footballer, and is the local hero of every young kid in his neighborhood. His single mother is a cross-border trader, who wants Pablo to get a job, rather than play football.


Beans is the eldest of eight children, a good student who wants to get out of poverty through education. However, his father expects him to take care of his younger siblings and work on behalf of the family. He sends Beans and his sister Lindi to town to collect rent from the lodgers on their property.


When a big city team comes to town to hold a scouting contest, Pablo decides to put together a team, no matter what it takes, so he can finally get the shot he deserves. He cons Beans into joining him in the scheme, and by sheer nerve, they convince a down-and-out former superstar player with a dark secret into coming out of retirement to help them achieve their dream. Can they overcome the many obstacles and challenges they'll face along the way to becoming a real team?


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