Tribal Wives

In Tribal Wives, six women get to grips with new lifestyles, families, and communities in some of the world's most remote tribes to find out whether 'West is best.'

The women are expected to spend up to a month living with their new families, fully immersing themselves into their new culture. Each woman must work, eat, and sleep exactly as the other tribal women in order to experience what it is really like to live as a member of their community. It is a very personal journey as each of the women battle to overcome their own personal demons -- from a former alcoholic, to a woman struggling to balance work and life.

Crossing continents to some of the most remote places in the world, viewers follow the progress of each tribal wife to see if she is accepted by the community. Will she rise to the challenges thrown at her -- or will she simply miss her Western lifestyle too much?



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Tribal Wives Episode 1 

Tribal Wives: Episode 1 - Kuna/Panama
In the premiere episode of Tribal Wives, Sass Willis from Oxford joins the Kuna Indians on the coral islands off the coast of Panama. Amongst the Kune and far from home, Sass makes an extraordinary discovery.

Tribal Wives Episode 2 

Tribal Wives: Episode 2 - Waorani/Ecuador
In episode two of Tribal Wives, single mother of two Karen stays with the Waorani, a tribe isolated deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. As she immerses herself in tribal life, could Karen find true love?

Tribal Wives Episode 3 

Tribal Wives: Episode 3 - Afar/Ethiopia
In this episode Lana Inglis, a 28-year-old Scottish air hostess and former alcoholic, lives with Ethiopia's fiercely independent Afar tribe -- who strictly forbid drinking. Will she be able to keep her past a secret?

Tribal Wives Episode 4 

Tribal Wives: Episode 4 - Himba/Namibia
Episode four of Tribal Wives takes Yvonne Power, a single working mother of three, to stay with the polygamous Himba tribe in northern Namibia. How will she cope with the tribe's deep gender divides?

Tribal Wives Episode 5 

Tribal Wives: Episode 5 - Maasai/Tanzania
In this episode, single teacher Dionne Braham moves from her home in London to live with one of the world's largest and most famous tribes in Africa: the Maasai. During her stay, Dionne makes a radical choice that could change her life forever.

Tribal Wives Episode 6 

Tribal Wives: Episode 6 - Mentawai/Indonesia
In the series finale of Tribal Wives, high-flying overachiever Andy Wraith stays with the Mentawai tribe off the coast of Indonesia, where she is forced to reevaluate what success really means.

Tribal Wives (Promo)

Tribal Wives (Promo)

In Tribal Wives six women get to grips with new lifestyles, families and communities in some of the world?s most remote tribes to find out whether 'West is best.'
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Tribal Wives