Understanding Islam

  • Gaza: Tunnels to Nowhere

    This short doc examines the true costs of the secret smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza. The young men who work in these tunnels endure dangerous working conditions to smuggle necessary goods into Gaza. But at what cost?

  • Link TV's DOC-DEBUT Presents Another Night on Earth

    In this hidden-camera-style documentary, taxi drivers and passengers are captured on tape debating Egypt's present and future amid Cairo's endless traffic jams.

  • Islamic Culture Portrayed in Bab'Aziz - The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul

    Watch this fictional story of a blind wanderer and his granddaughter searching the desert for a Sufi gathering that takes place every 30 years.

  • "Meet the Palestinian Seinfeld" with Arab Labor, Link's Hit Comedy from Israel

    Poking fun at the cultural divide, this awarding-winning comedy series daringly depicts the mixed society that is Israel.

  • Syrian School: Education on the Brink of Change in a Misunderstood Country

    This unique 5-part series looks at a fascinating country through the eyes of its schoolchildren, their families, and their teachers.

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Across the world, 1.5 billion people call themselves Muslim. They represent a religion and an identity encompassing different cultures, countries, and political stances. But Islam is profoundly misunderstood, with a vocal, sometimes violent minority often overshadowing the silent majority of Muslims.

To break the silence and foster real understanding, Link TV presents this unprecedented collection of programming highlighting Islamic arts, culture, social issues, news and more. Through the unique lens of leading Muslim filmmakers, diverse musicians, and news organizations of the Middle East, dive in to the cultural riches and plurality of today's Muslim world

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Original Productions

Bridge to Iran 

Bridge to Iran

This series seeks to fill the knowledge gap on Iran by giving Americans a unique glimpse into the lives of ordinary Iranians, through the power of documentary film.  Watch >



Who Speaks for Islam? 

Who Speaks for Islam?

Link TV's ground-breaking series Who Speaks for Islam, hosted by Ray Suarez, explores Islam in an age when Muslim extremists are laying claim to the religion.  Watch >

Global Spirit 

Global Spirit

Global Spirit, the first "internal travel" series, is an unprecedented inquiry into the universe of human consciousness, across the exciting interface of television and the internet.  Watch >



Music and Culture

Arab Labor 

Arab Labor

This controversial, award-winning Israeli comedy series follows Amjad, a Palestinian journalist in Israel. Poking fun at the cultural divide, Arab Labor, now in its third season, daringly depicts the mixed society that is Israel.  Watch >

Rappers, Divas, Virtuosos: New Music From the Muslim World 

Rappers, Divas, Virtuosos: New Music From the Muslim World

This series presents vibrant Muslim musicians from Iran, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, Senegal and Morocco who bring an extraordinary voice to their art.  Watch >

Bab'Aziz on CINEMONDO 

CINEMONDO: World Cinema on Link TV

Link's celebrated world cinema series highlights films from around the Muslim world, including Bab'Aziz by Tunisian filmmaker Nacer Khemir, Egypt's Scheherezade, and the touching true story of Ramchand Pakistani.  More >

Global Lens: The Photograph 

Global Lens

This series of unique and critically acclaimed cinematic works from around the world features films from Indonesia, Algeria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Iran.  More >

About Link TV

Link TV brings you the world through global news broadcasts, documentaries, world music videos and cinema. A non-profit, non-commercial television channel and media platform, Link relies on viewers like you for support. Experience television without borders and connect with Link TV -- help us build a better media for a better world.

News and Documentaries

Mosaic: World News from the Middle East 

Mosaic: World News from the Middle East

A Peabody Award-winning curation of television news reports from the Middle East including, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Iraq and Iran.  Watch >


Al Jazeera English - Witness

Rageh Omaar and Ghida Fakhry presents this half-hour documentary series, bringing new stories to light and showcasing the talents of a new breed of multi-skilled, frontline journalist. Watch >

Syrian School 

Syrian School

Despite rarely finding itself out of the headlines, the Middle East is frequently misunderstood. Syrian School goes beyond the clichés to meet the human face of the country's young population. More >

Another Night on Earth 

Documentaries on the Muslim World

Link TV presents a wide variety of documentaries on Muslim topics, including Another Night on Earth, Pop Goes Islam, Where Do I Belong, Heart of Jenin , and many more.  Watch >




One Nation Many Voices 

One Nation Many Voices Online Film Contest

The project aimed to promote diversity, pluralism, and respect for religious freedom of all Americans by providing an online forum for real-life stories about American Muslims.  Watch >

One Nation Many Voices Learning Guides 

One Nation Many Voices Learning Guides

This educational initiative from Link TV and the One Nation organization provides dynamic, engaging learning guides created by K-12 teachers and educators, inspired by the One Nation film submissions.  More >

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