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LinkAsia Healines: July 23, 2014
In India, a video catches people’s attention in which a right-wing Hindu legislator tried to force a piece of bread on a Muslim during the Ramadan. In Taiwan, 47 were...

Arab Labor Season 2, Episodes 3-4 Recap

Aron Kader and Naomi Ackerman offer insight on the latest episodes of Arab Labor, which tackles stereotypes and taboos in the Arab world.

LinkAsia Headlines: July 22, 2014
The official result of the Indonesian president election was announced and Jokowi Widodo won by 6 percentage points. South Korean police announced that Yoo Byung-eus, the fugitive businessman who was...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 21, 2014
In China, typhoon Rammasun hits southern provinces and causes economic losses of over 2 billion U.S dollars. In India, the protest against sexual assault and rape continues in Bangalore. The...

LinkAsia News: 7/18/14
Are Young Voters Choosing Indonesia's Next President?
(LinkAsia: 7/18/14) By next Tuesday, Indonesians will know the official results of its presidential elections. It's believed to be a tight race between former Jakarta mayor Jokowi Widodo, and former...

Hong Kong Wrestles With Democracy, While Singapore Rallies for Gay Rights
(LinkAsia: 7/18/14) Elections may be a few years away in Hong Kong, but there's a fierce debate happening between democracy advocates and Beijing's supporters over whether the mainland would control...

Public Plunder: 3 Philippines Senators Are Indicted
(LinkAsia: 7/18/14) It's being called the 'Scandal of the Decade': 3 senators in the Philippines are under arrest for stealing public money from funds meant for social programs. LinkAsia's Noel...

In China: Straight Guy Cancer, Busting Bookies, and Mopping Up Bad Guys
(LinkAsia: 7/18/14) A roundup of stories from China this week. There's a social media backlash against jerks in China, and men who choose to speak ill of women online are...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 18, 2014
The Malaysian Airliner Flight MH17 was brought down in eastern Ukraine. Local resident who witnessed the disaster described seeing a huge explosion and dead bodies falling from the sky. The...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 17, 2014
A Malaysian airline plane crashed in eastern Ukraine and caused the death of all 295 people aboard. The plane was flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In...

Yo-Yo Ma & Music Education

Famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma discusses his philosophy of "passion driven" education.

Arab Labor Season 2, Episode 1-2 Recap

Aron Kader and Naomi Ackerman discuss water politics and discriminatory housing practices in Israel, as addressed in Arab Labor.

LinkAsia Headlines: July 16, 2014
Japan has given preliminary safety approval to a nuclear power plant. This could lead the nuclear facility to become the first of Japan’s reactors to restart after the 2011 Fukushima...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 15, 2014
Hong Kong issues the election plan for 2017. Beijing allows one person one vote but requires all candidates vetted by a special committee. A pro-democracy lawmaker throws a birdcage at...