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LinkAsia News: April 18, 2014
Hundreds Missing from South Korean Ferry
The South Korean Ferry named Sewol capsized Wednesday morning with nearly 500 people on board. With over half of the passengers still missing, people are asking, "How could such a...
Can a Robotic Sub Locate MH370?
The search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has moved from the air to the deep sea, as searchers are now employing a submersible borrowed from the U.S...
Can South Korea's Spies be Trusted?
The South Korean National Intelligence Service has come under tremendous scrutiny after a spying scandal last year turned into an investigation of forged evidence. The head of the NIS has...
On Demand Hit Men in Filipino Slums
A student found dead this week was the fourth South Korean to be killed in the Philippines this year. A reporter from Korean broadcaster MBC says it's easy to find...
Bad Hair Day for Kim Jong-un
An ad featuring Kim Jong Un's distinctive haircut got a barber in trouble this week. The man was visited at his store in a suburb of London by members of...
LinkAsia Headlines: April 18,2014
South Korean prosecutors seek to arrest the captain of the ferry Sewol that capsized Wednesday, leaving 28 dead and nearly 300 missing. A Beijing court sentences four activists from the...

LinkAsia Headlines: April 17, 2014
Cell phone video from the South Korean ferry that capsized yesterday shows passengers obeying instructions to stay put. 271 people are still missing. Two journalists in Thailand who face controversial...

Chinese Restaurants: Canada

Against all odds, Jim Kook came to the prairie town of Outlook, Saskatchewan, and ran his New Outlook Cafe for forty years until his recent death.

LinkAsia Headlines: April 16, 2014
Rescuers worked through the night in search of survivors after a ferry capsized and sunk on April 16 in the ocean near Jindo Island in South Korea. Nearly 300 people...
LinkAsia Headlines: April 15, 2014
Thousands of workers strike for higher benefits in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan, President Park Guen-hye apologizes for South Korea's NIS misconduct, China's Foreign Ministry reacts to a critical...

LinkAsia Headlines: April 14, 2014
The search for Malaysian airliner MH370 enters a new phase as the black box batteries are presumed dead and a U.S. Navy drone is deployed to scour the ocean floor...

LinkAsia News: April 11, 2014
This week on LinkAsia, top defense officials from the U.S. and China attempt to improve relations between the two countries, Australia's Prime Minister claims they are zeroing in on MH370's...

Will the Defense Secretary's Visit Improve U.S.-China Relations?
The United States Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, traveled to China this week to try to improve relations between the two countries' militaries. Hagel had a tense discussion with the Chinese...
"Very Confident Signals are from Black Box on MH370" says Tony Abbott
Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters in China that searchers are closing in on the black box of Malaysian airliner MH370. The plane, which has been missing for over...