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LinkAsia Headlines: July 30, 2014
Heavy rains in Western India caused a landslide killing 17 people and many more are trapped inside their collapsed houses. Meanwhile in China, severe drought hits China's Henan province affecting...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 29, 2014
Chinese Communist party former security chief Zhou Yongkang investigated for corruption. In Japan, McDonald's publicly apologizes for food scandal. In Korea, Student survivors of Sewol Ferry disaster are testifying in...

Arab Labor Season 2, Episodes 5-6 Recap

Aron Kader and Naomi Ackerman discuss the stereotype of "Arab labor" and the connotations of wearing an Israel Defense Forces uniform.

The Dark Side of A Pill

Every tenth grown-up in the Western world is on antidepressants. But the wonder drug has a dark side. Could there be a connection between these prescription drugs and violence?

LinkAsia Headlines: July 28, 2014
Riots broke out in Pakistan over a 'blasphemous' Facebook post by a member of the Ahmadi religious minority. Two girls and their grandmother died in the resulting fires. Meanwhile, thousands...

LinkAsia News: 7/25/14
Dancing Kim Breaks the Internet
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) A dance video has gone viral in China- much to North Korea’s dismay. Pyongyang condemns it as a gross insult. What do you think- grand insult, or...

CCTV News Anchor Tied to Chinese Bank Scandal
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) China's state broadcaster CCTV recently released a report accusing the state-owned Bank of China, one of the country’s big 4 banks, of money laundering. It was helping...

Not Fit for Consumption, China's Latest Food Scandal
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) In Shanghai, police have arrested 5 people in connection with China’s latest food scandal. Husi foods is accused of selling unsafe meat products to American owned fast food...

Once A Fugitive, Owner of the Sewol Ferry Is Found Dead
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) Yoo Byung-eun, the head of the family-owned company that operated the stricken Sewol ferry, was found dead this week. The South Korean public’s faith in the government...

Did Joko Widodo Rig Indonesia's Elections?
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) The former governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, known by the nickname Jokowi, will be Indonesia’s next president. He’s the first without a military background or family wealth. Jokowi...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 25, 2014
In Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto still refuses to accept his failure in the election. His team challenges the results with a legal battle but is unlikely to win. A car bomb...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 24, 2014
In India, a train slammed into a school bus, killing at least 18 children. People are furious about Indian Railways delaying putting up barrier at the level crossing. In South...

Howard Buffett & Global Hunger

Philanthropist Howard Buffett reveals his vision for eradicating global hunger.

LinkAsia Healines: July 23, 2014
In India, a video catches people’s attention in which a right-wing Hindu legislator tried to force a piece of bread on a Muslim during the Ramadan. In Taiwan, 47 were...