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LinkAsia News: 7/25/14
Dancing Kim Breaks the Internet
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) A dance video has gone viral in China- much to North Korea’s dismay. Pyongyang condemns it as a gross insult. What do you think- grand insult, or...

CCTV News Anchor Tied to Chinese Bank Scandal
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) China's state broadcaster CCTV recently released a report accusing the state-owned Bank of China, one of the country’s big 4 banks, of money laundering. It was helping...

Not Fit for Consumption, China's Latest Food Scandal
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) In Shanghai, police have arrested 5 people in connection with China’s latest food scandal. Husi foods is accused of selling unsafe meat products to American owned fast food...

Once A Fugitive, Owner of the Sewol Ferry Is Found Dead
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) Yoo Byung-eun, the head of the family-owned company that operated the stricken Sewol ferry, was found dead this week. The South Korean public’s faith in the government...

Did Joko Widodo Rig Indonesia's Elections?
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) The former governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, known by the nickname Jokowi, will be Indonesia’s next president. He’s the first without a military background or family wealth. Jokowi...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 25, 2014
In Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto still refuses to accept his failure in the election. His team challenges the results with a legal battle but is unlikely to win. A car bomb...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 24, 2014
In India, a train slammed into a school bus, killing at least 18 children. People are furious about Indian Railways delaying putting up barrier at the level crossing. In South...

Howard Buffett & Global Hunger

Philanthropist Howard Buffett reveals his vision for eradicating global hunger.

LinkAsia Healines: July 23, 2014
In India, a video catches people’s attention in which a right-wing Hindu legislator tried to force a piece of bread on a Muslim during the Ramadan. In Taiwan, 47 were...

Arab Labor Season 2, Episodes 3-4 Recap

Aron Kader and Naomi Ackerman offer insight on the latest episodes of Arab Labor, which tackles stereotypes and taboos in the Arab world.

LinkAsia Headlines: July 22, 2014
The official result of the Indonesian president election was announced and Jokowi Widodo won by 6 percentage points. South Korean police announced that Yoo Byung-eus, the fugitive businessman who was...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 21, 2014
In China, typhoon Rammasun hits southern provinces and causes economic losses of over 2 billion U.S dollars. In India, the protest against sexual assault and rape continues in Bangalore. The...

LinkAsia News: 7/18/14
Are Young Voters Choosing Indonesia's Next President?
(LinkAsia: 7/18/14) By next Tuesday, Indonesians will know the official results of its presidential elections. It's believed to be a tight race between former Jakarta mayor Jokowi Widodo, and former...