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Chinese Restaurants: India East
Samson, Richard, Samuel, and Stephen Yeh were born in Calcutta and suffered from the aftermath the 1962 Sino-Indian border conflict. Today, the four brothers take turns running the New Embassy...

Scandal-Plagued Indian Cricket League a Victim of Success
(LinkAsia News: 5/25/12) The Indian Premier League's meteoric rise in popularity in the past five years could lead to the cricket league's undoing, reports Ajoy Bose, as multiple scandals have...

Al Jazeera English - Witness: Passport from Polio
As long as polio exists in one country, every country must keep vaccinating. This episode of Witness tells the epic story of an extraordinary global collaboration to eradicate the lethally...

Bilal (Clip)
Bilal is the story of a three year old boy boy who can see, while his parents are blind. The family lives in a poor area of Calcutta, India, and...

Nepal: Sushma's Story
Kolkata, India is one of the most populated cities in the world and one filled with poverty. Human trafficking is a result of women from neighboring Nepal being lured into...