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LinkAsia News: June 20, 2014
This week on LinkAsia, China harshly punishes eight Uyghurs for attacking Tiananmen Square, South Korean prime ministerial nominee Moon Chang-geuk comes under fire, cheating to win a place at a...

Cheating in the Chinese National College Entrance Exams
(LinkAsia: 6/20/14) Chinese students have to face the ritual of college entrance exams, or Gaokao, at the end of their high school education. The intense pressure of the exams has...
LinkAsia News: May 16, 2014
China's Grads Disillusioned by Job Prospects
(LinkAsia: 5/16/14) More than 7 million Chinese are flooding into the job market this summer, and while there's plenty of work, recent grads are less than thrilled by the working...
Special: Primary Concern (Promo)

Primary Concern takes us to the front lines of the looming national health care crisis by more closely examining the lives of primary care practitioners in rural Georgia.

LinkAsia News: July 19, 2013
Chinese Dream, Delayed: Grads Struggle to Find Work
(LinkAsia: 7/19/13) As China's economy slows down, college graduates are anxiously scouring job listings. Today its estimated that one in four grads is unemployed, with even worse numbers for grads...

LinkAsia News: May 24, 2013
Chinese Grads Rail Against Unfair Hiring Tactics
(LinkAsia: 5/24/13) Times are tough for China's recent college grads, with 7 out of every 10 without employment. Rather than a lack of experience holding them back from landing a...

Cheating, Gangnam-Style: South Korea's SAT Scandal
(LinkAsia: 2/22/13) English schools in Seoul's posh Gangnam district have been accused of helping their students cheat on the American college entrance exam, the SAT. South Korean broadcaster MBC reports...

LinkAsia News: February 22, 2013
Chinese Migrants Fight For Education Rights
(LinkAsia Bulletin: 12/4/12) Fifteen-year-old student Zhan Haite has sparked a national debate on microblogging site Sina Weibo around access to education for Chinese who migrate to cities from rural areas...

Al Jazeera English - Witness: Mohamad at Eton (Clip)
Special: Default - The Student Loan Documentary (Promo)
This documentary chronicles the stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the student lending industry and their struggles to change the system.

LinkAsia News: 11/11/11
This week on LinkAsia, Yale University researcher Angel Hsu explains the differences between the way China monitors air pollution and how the US counts particulates, dissident artist Ai Weiwei gets...