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Interview with Filmmaker Danny Schechter
Filmmaker and "News Dissector" Danny Schechter talks about why he made the movie, Plunder: The Crime of Our Time, and what's happened since.

Special: Plunder - The Crime of Our Time
Watch this Link TV special presentation of Plunder:The Crime of Our Time, a hard-hitting investigative film by Danny Schechter that explores how the financial crisis was built on a foundation...

Bonus Video: Danny Schechter - The Prescient Pariah

Journalist and filmmaker Danny Schechter talks with Link TV Vice President Wendy Hanamura about how his warnings about an impending credit and economic crisis were considered alarmist...until now.

Bonus Video: Danny Schechter - The Need for Reforms

Journalist and filmmaker Danny Schechter describes the need for economic, not just political, reform to prevent citizens from predatory credit practices and to hold financial corporations responsible.

Bonus Video: Danny Schechter - Why Big Media Ignores the Big Story
Journalist and filmmaker Danny Schechter discusses the reasons the mainstream media has glossed over - and even avoided - coverage of the real causes of the morgage and credit crisis...
Bonus Video: Bob Fitrakis on election fraud

Election fraud attorney, Bob Fitrakis, talks with host Danny Schechter about the evidence of election fraud in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election.


Weapons of Mass Deception
The story of the distorted war coverage in Iraq. There were two wars going on - the military effort and intense media competition. This film tracks the media war...