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LinkAsia News: 8/15/14
China to ASEAN Summit: Drop Dead
The annual meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ended this week with no resolution on South China Sea tensions between China, Vietnam and the Philippines over territorial disputes...

LinkAsia Headline: Aug 11, 2014
The 10-member Association of Southeast Asian nations was unable to unite against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. Meanwhile in Japan, the government has founded the Manga-Anime Guardians...

LinkAsia Headlines: Aug 8, 2014
Myanmar, the chair of this year's meeting of the association's foreign ministers wont take sides on Philippines and Vietnam countries dispute over China's expansive claims in South China Sea. In...

LinkAsia Headlines: July 16, 2014
Japan has given preliminary safety approval to a nuclear power plant. This could lead the nuclear facility to become the first of Japan’s reactors to restart after the 2011 Fukushima...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 25, 2014
The director of China's Taiwan Affairs Office visits Taiwan to ease concerns over a pending trade pact. He is the most senior official to visit in 65 years. Meanwhile, China...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 24, 2014
More than 2 months after the sinking of the Sewol, the court trial of the ferry's 15 crew members begins. The captain and three other officers face murder charges. Moving...

LinkAsia News: June 20, 2014
This week on LinkAsia, China harshly punishes eight Uyghurs for attacking Tiananmen Square, South Korean prime ministerial nominee Moon Chang-geuk comes under fire, cheating to win a place at a...

China and Vietnam Hold High-level Talks Over Territorial Conflict
(LinkAsia: 6/20/14) China and Vietnam hold their first high-level talks since early May, when the two countries' navies began to clash over the Chinese construction of an oil rig in...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 17, 2014
China sends a diplomat to Hanoi in an attempt to resolve its territorial conflict with Vietnam over South China Sea claims. Also, Pakistani police clash with supporters of Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri,...

LinkAsia News: June 13, 2014
China and Vietnam Compete for Best One-Sided Coverage
(LinkAsia: 6/13/14) The standoff between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea continued this week, and both countries say the other side has the story twisted. China state broadcaster...
LinkAsia Headlines: June 13, 2014
The nationwide curfew in Thailand has ended, almost a month after the junta seized power. Also, shortly after China released video showing Japanese jets flying close to a Chinese plane...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 12, 2014
The territorial conflict between China and Japan continues as China released footage of a Japanese fighter plane close to a Chinese aircraft in the East China Sea. Both countries' foreign...

Tipping Point: The Amazon

CCTV America explores Brazil, South America's largest nation and home to the world's largest tropical rainforest.