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LinkAsia Headlines: June 25, 2014
The director of China's Taiwan Affairs Office visits Taiwan to ease concerns over a pending trade pact. He is the most senior official to visit in 65 years. Meanwhile, China...

LinkAsia News: May 9, 2014
Thai Court Removes Prime Minister
(LinkAsia: 5/9/14) For months now, anti-government protesters have filled the streets of Bangkok saying they won't go home until Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra resigns. This week, the Constitutional Court ordered...
LinkAsia News: January 31, 2014
Rohingya Face Violence in Burma, Trafficking in Thailand
(LinkAsia: 1/31/14) Reports out of Burma's Rakhine state say that at least 40 Rohingya Muslims have been killed in a fresh outbreak of ethnic violence. This comes as Thai police...

Are Electric Cars the Future for Singapore's Drivers?
(LinkAsia: 1/3/14) Singapore has long been a symbol of Southeast Asia's progress. The per capita income of its 10 million citizens is among the world's highest. It has excellent schools,...

LinkAsia News: October 11, 2013
China Promises Neighbors 'Diamond Decade' to Quell Disputes
(LinkAsia: 10/11/13) Chinese premier Li Keqiang made the case at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit in Brunei this past week that trade deals will trump territorial disputes in...

LinkAsia News: October 4, 2013
Obama Cancels Asia Tour: Will it Hurt US Economic Goals?
(LinkAsia: 10/4/13) US President Barack Obama's much touted Asian pivot took a hit this past week due to the budget stalemate and government shutdown in Washington. LinkAsia speaks with Stanford...

Xi Jinping Courts Asia's 'Swing States' in Obama's Absence
(LinkAsia: 10/4/13) Chinese President Xi Jinping's maiden tour of Southeast Asia is almost identical to the one that President Obama was forced to cancel. This is significant as both countries...

Liquid Ivory
LinkAsia News: May 24, 2013
US Visit Signals Landmark Policy Shift for Myanmar
(LinkAsia: 5/24/13) Myanmar's president Thein Sein met with President Obama this week, the first leader from the Southeast Asian country to visit Washington in 47 years. Normally designated Burma by...

Is Southeast Asian Democracy Dying as the Middle Class Grows?
(LinkAsia: 3/29/13) While Myanmar continues to reform, Thailand, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian democracies are struggling politically. Josh Kurlantzick of the Council on Foreign Relations believes that the cherished...