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LinkAsia Headlines: July 22, 2014
The official result of the Indonesian president election was announced and Jokowi Widodo won by 6 percentage points. South Korean police announced that Yoo Byung-eus, the fugitive businessman who was...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 30, 2014
Thousands of protesters gather before Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's office in Tokyo to protest plans to alter Japan's pacifist constitution. In China, another powerful military official, former general Xu Caihou,...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 24, 2014
More than 2 months after the sinking of the Sewol, the court trial of the ferry's 15 crew members begins. The captain and three other officers face murder charges. Moving...

LinkAsia News: June 13, 2014
Pakistan Shuts Down A Popular News Channel and The Crew of South Korea's Ferry Boat Disaster Have Their Day In Court
(LinkAsia: 6/13/14) LinkAsia's Hassan Iftikhar has more details from Pakistan after the country's largest television network, Geo TV, was pulled off the air for alleging that Pakistan's intelligence service had...

LinkAsia Headlines: June 10, 2014
Nearly two months after the tragic sinking of the Sewol Ferry in South Korea, the trial of 15 crew members is underway. The captain and three others have been charged...

LinkAsia Headlines: May 28, 2014
China tried 55 people for violent crimes at a soccer stadium in Xinjiang Province as part of a nationwide security crackdown on terrorism. The mass trial, conducted before a crowd...

LinkAsia News: April 4, 2014
Forging Ahead in South Korean Spy Scandal
(LinkAsia: 4/4/14) A South Korean agent of the National Intelligence Service has been indicted on charges of falsifying evidence in the trial of Yoo Woo-sung, a North Korean defector arrested...
To rescue a rural Maine community from the unemployment line, a Boston businessman hatches a plan to reopen a local plant as a lobster-packing facility. It seems like the perfect...

e²: The Green Apple
(Episode 1) The series begins in New York, a city that combats the urban myth of the bustling city as a "concrete jungle" by improving its industrial skyline with several...

e²: China - From Red to Green?
Special: Downeast (Promo)

Set during an era of U.S. post-industrialization in which numerous factories have been exported, Downeast focuses on Antonio Bussone's efforts to open a processing factory in rural Maine.

LinkAsia News: September 20, 2013
UN Report: North Korean Atrocities Rival Khmer Rouge
(LinkAsia: 9/20/13) Human rights investigators have released a report on North Korea's vast prison network that paints a picture of unspeakable atrocities. Upwards of 120,000 prisoners are being tortured and...