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The Dark Side of A Pill

Every tenth grown-up in the Western world is on antidepressants. But the wonder drug has a dark side. Could there be a connection between these prescription drugs and violence?

LinkAsia News: January 31, 2014
Rohingya Face Violence in Burma, Trafficking in Thailand
(LinkAsia: 1/31/14) Reports out of Burma's Rakhine state say that at least 40 Rohingya Muslims have been killed in a fresh outbreak of ethnic violence. This comes as Thai police...

LinkAsia News: September 27, 2013
Kavita Krishnan: India Must 'Stop Tolerating Rape Culture'
(LinkAsia: 9/27/13) Four men convicted of a brutal gang rape and murder in New Delhi were sentenced to death this past week. The case catalyzed a nationwide movement against sexual...

LinkAsia News: September 13, 2013
Myanmar: Buddhist and Muslim Leaders Sign Landmark Peace Deal
(LinkAsia: 9/13/13) Called "The Face of Buddhist Terror" by TIME Magazine, prominent monk Ashin Wirathu would seem to be the last person to sign a peace agreement. But this past...

Burmese Presidential Hopeful Surprises US Ex-pats
(LinkAsia: 6/21/13) Shwe Mann, a former military leader with hopes of becoming Burma's next president, made a surprise visit to San Francisco's Burmese ex-pat community, where he discussed the future...

LinkAsia News: June 21, 2013
The Team - Kenya: Difficult Conversations
(Episode 4, Season 2) Bukenya appoints Telis as the General Manager and appoints Beth the coach. The decision creates tension between Telis and Beth.

The Team - Kenya: Leadership and Change
(Episode 5, Season 2) Ben decides his parents and his community need his help, so he decides to give up football. Johari is proud of her brother and promises to...

The Team - Kenya: Reconciliation
(Episode 1, Season 2) Imani FC players prepare to leave camp for the summer. As each goes to his/her home, it becomes quickly apparent that integration into the family/community won't...

The Team - Kenya: Homecoming
(Episode 2, Season 2) Lulu wants her father to take her to her mothers' grave but Telis makes excuses not to. When Lulu finds Tina's homeless "kids" who are hiding...

The Team - Kenya: Modeling Behavior

(Episode 3, Season 2) Lulu is very upset when she finds her friends "playing" but the "play" is a violent reenactment of what happened during the "trouble."

The Team - Kenya: Relationships and Choices

(Episode 6, Season 2) The choices of the past, both long ago and recent, come back to haunt our players in this episode.