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LinkAsia News: December 14, 2012
Xinhua Leaps the Great Firewall to Tweet
(LinkAsia: 12/14/12) China's official news agency, Xinhua, has had a Twitter account since March. But most people were unaware, due to the fact that Twitter is banned in China. Chinese...

Poof! China's Propaganda Chief Goes Missing
(LinkAsia: 12/7/12) Earlier this year, it was president-in-waiting Xi Jinping who mysteriously disappeared from public view. Now, it's new propaganda chief Liu Qibao. Contributor David Bandurski reports on China's "systemic...

Fire Deepens Doubts Over Chinese State Media Apparatus
(LinkAsia News: 7/13/12) Disputes over the death toll of a fire in Tianjin has escalated the fight between Chinese state media censorship and the openness of social media. Contributor David...

North Korea Halts Nuke Tests on China's Urging
(LinkAsia News: 5/25/12) The world breathed a sign of relief this past week as China's official news outlet, Xinhua, reported that North Korea has no intention of conducting a third...