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LinkAsia Headlines: July 10, 2014
The New York Times reports Chinese hackers broke into a U.S government network to gain information on thousands of employees applying for security clearance positions. Meanwhile, China strengthens the censorship...

LinkAsia News: June 6, 2014
This week on LinkAsia, looking back on the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre and why it's still a sensitive topic in China 25 years later, Vietnam looks to loosen economic...

Can China Erase Memories of the Tiananmen Student Massacre 25 Years On?
(LinkAsia: 6/6/14) 25 years ago Chinese soldiers assaulted students in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, traumatizing the nation. Even while much of the assault was captured by TV crews and broadcast worldwide,...

LinkAsia Headlines: May 22, 2014
Two days after declaring martial law but denying the intention to seize full power, the generals in charge of Thailand's military announce they are, in fact, staging a coup, as...

LinkAsia Headlines: May 8, 2014
Authorities made a show of prominent Chinese activist Gao Yu's confession to leaking a confidential document to a foreign website. It's not clear whether the confession was obtained under duress...

"No Internet Freedom Without Order" in China
(LinkAsia: 5/2/14) A commentary believed to be written by the top officials of the Communist Party of China was published in the People's Daily newspaper this week, outlining a program...

Produced by Julian Assange, Mediastan follows a group of Wikileaks journalists on an undercover mission to expose the truth behind US government propaganda. For the latest news on Big Brother,...

Special: Mediastan (Promo)
Produced by Julian Assange, Mediastan follows a group of Wikileaks journalists on a global journey to recruit newspaper editors to publish classified documents. Their goal was to outflank the US...

LinkAsia News: January 10, 2014
South Korea Shutters News Outlets Critical of Government
(LinkAsia: 1/10/14) South Korea's Communications Commission has issued a ruling de-legitimizing several media outlets accused of being "news lookalikes." Critics say the censorship is due to unfavorable reports on the...

LinkAsia News: December 6, 2013
Japan's PM Pushes US-Style Crackdown on Whistleblowers
(LinkAsia: 12/6/13) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has come under fire for a controversial new bill that would set severe punishments for government workers who leak classified information and journalists...

LinkAsia News: November 22, 2013
Bloomberg News Under Fire for China Self-Censoring
(LinkAsia: 11/22/13) Are US business interests in China interfering with American journalistic freedom? Bloomberg News recently suspended reporter Michael Forsythe after he went public with a management decision to spike...

LinkAsia News: November 8, 2013