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New Rhino Threat: Coal
Bill Gates & His Causes

Full Frame profiles Bill Gates and his charitable works.

Colorado: Jobs or Environment?
A Conservative on Climate Change
Tackling Ocean Challenges
(Earth Focus: Episode 66) Oceans support life, yet they are overfished, polluted, and, with global climate change, are becoming increasingly acidic. The XPrize Ocean Initiative seeks to solve some of...

Climate and National Security
Water or Gold?
Chesapeake: Can Oysters Save the Bay?
Hidden Bee Killers?
Are nursery plants killing bees? Dr. Susan Kegley of the Pesticide Research Institute explains that 54% of nursery plants recently sampled in the US contain neonicotinoid pesticides at levels that...

Battlefields to Farmfields
The transition from combat to civilian life is a challenge for many veterans. But farming provides not only employment but physical respite and a means for therapeutic recovery. As the...

America's Dirty Secret: Coal Ash
(Earth Focus: Episode 64) People in three adjacent Pennsylvania communities suffer from a rare blood cancer. In Juliette, Georgia, where radioactive water flows from the tap, people are also getting...

India: Coughing up Coal
India is rivaling China -- in its plans to consume coal. India is aggressively expanding construction of coal fired power plants to meet growing energy needs. Some 455 new plants...

Exposed: Killing Dolphins - Dying for Lobsters
(Earth Focus: Episode 63) Thousands of dolphins are killed solely for shark bait each year off the coast of Peru. Jim Wickens of the London-based Ecologist Film Unit documents this...

Peru: Dolphins Slaughtered for Shark Bait
As many as 10,000 dolphins are slaughtered off the coast of Peru each year solely for shark bait. Correspondent Jim Wickens reports on this illegal practice in an original undercover...

Inside the Climate Wars: A Conversation with Michael Mann