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LinkAsia News: 7/25/14
Dancing Kim Breaks the Internet
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) A dance video has gone viral in China- much to North Korea’s dismay. Pyongyang condemns it as a gross insult. What do you think- grand insult, or...

CCTV News Anchor Tied to Chinese Bank Scandal
(LinkAsia: 7/25/14) China's state broadcaster CCTV recently released a report accusing the state-owned Bank of China, one of the country’s big 4 banks, of money laundering. It was helping...

LinkAsia News: 7/18/14
LinkAsia News: July 11, 2014
LinkAsia News: June 3, 2014
Produced by Julian Assange, Mediastan follows a group of Wikileaks journalists on an undercover mission to expose the truth behind US government propaganda. For the latest news on Big Brother,...

LinkAsia News: January 17, 2014
Japan's Pro Wrestler Politician Visits Kim Jong-un
(LinkAsia: 1/17/14) Antonio Inoki, a former professional wrestler and current member of parliament, paid a visit to Pyongyang this past week. And as LinkAsia's Rie Nomura reports, Japanese people had...

New Video Project Documents Everyday Lives Worldwide
(LinkAsia: 1/17/14) The Global Lives Project is a multimedia platform for documenting people's daily lives around the world. LinkAsia speaks with the organization's founder and Executive Director, David Harris, and...

LinkAsia News: January 10, 2014
Thailand: National Debate Centers on Bangkok Shutdown
(LinkAsia: 1/10/14) Protesters in the Thai capital threatened to shut down the city unless Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's cabinet resigns immediately. Demonstrations have been ongoing since November. LinkAsia's Ying Panyapon...

South Korea Shutters News Outlets Critical of Government
(LinkAsia: 1/10/14) South Korea's Communications Commission has issued a ruling de-legitimizing several media outlets accused of being "news lookalikes." Critics say the censorship is due to unfavorable reports on the...

Father of Kung Fu Flicks Dies at 106
(LinkAsia: 1/10/14) Hong Kong media mogul Run Run Shaw died this past week at 106 years old. Shaw is considered the father of the kung fu genre, creating a media...

LinkAsia News: December 27, 2013