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Angélique Kidjo at the UN
Angélique Kidjo at the UN is a live concert with Grammy Award winning artist and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador, Angelique Kidjo to raise awareness of the global efforts to end Female...
World Music: Mariza, "Há Festa Na Mouraria"
(Portugal) While the African dances contributing to Fado's history may now be hard to discern, the legacy of Portuguese poetry is readily apparent. The first great fadista that we know...

World Music: Kirin Ahluwalia, "Koka"
(Canada/India) This charming video is from Kiran Ahluwalia, who specializes in folksongs from her native Punjabi region. What makes her work far more accessible than a "pure" rendition is the...

World Music: Lim Geong, "View"
(Taiwan) Although Lim Geong's work is pure electronica, and he has said he gets inspiration from Japanese and German experimental music, he remains a very recognizably Asian composer - if...

UN Day Concert: A Tribute to Peacekeeping
World Music: Kartick and Gotam, "Heer"
(Israel/India) It's easy to imagine this video projected on to the screens of a dance club while the music chills the crowd. Kartick and Gotam are Patrick Sebag and Yotam...

The Fes Festival Part 3
This year the Fes Festival presented two drumming ensembles: the thunderous Master Drummers of Burundi, and the Korean Samulnori Hanullim Ensemble. What are the differences in the approach of these...

World Music: Trio de Janeiro, "Aj, zeny, zeny"
(Czech Republic) Over the years, thanks to our friends at Indies music in Czech Republic, we've gotten great, creative videos with ear-pleasing music. "Aj, zeny, zeny" is one of them;...

World Music: H-Kayne, "Jil Jdid"
(Morocco) Hip hop has taken hold of Morocco in the last six years, and it is largely thanks to H-Kanye. The group of four have forged their style from listening...

Fes Festival Part 2: Taarab Music from Shakila and Rajab Suleiman Trio
From the courtyard of the Musée Batha in Fès, Morocco, here is a performance of Taarab music, a genre that blends north and eastern African elements into a seductively sweet...

World Music: Angelique Kidjo, "Move On Up"
(Benin/USA) The dynamic Angelique Kidjo is joined here by the cast of the Broadway hit "Fela" to  exhibit their exuberance and dancing prowess. It's impossible to upstage the diva from...

A Day in the Life of Fes
A travelogue through one day at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, from an afternoon concert of Indian acrobats, to the Main Stage, through the Public Square, and a...

World Music: Baaba Maal, "Television"
(Senegal) The first time we saw this video we wondered "where's Baaba?" Yes, he's definitely there, but in a collaboration that takes him far from his usual turf. "Television" the...

World Music: Lila Downs, "Justicia"
(Mexico) The versatile diva Lila Downs here brings us a song that is part aria, part rap, part passion and poetry. She starts off in supersonic mode singing two octaves...

Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine & Rites of Passage: Songs of Scythian Stones
The Director of the Yara Arts Group, Virlana Tkacz, discusses their latest production "Scythian Stones." She describes the background of the piece, and her involvement with ancient songs and...