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Stories Powering Progress

Link TV has launched ViewChange.org to harness the power of storytelling to change the world. Stories are powerful. They teach us lessons and shape our values. Stories that combine images and sound are especially effective in influencing how we think and act. Think back to Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech on the mall. Freedom-seekers toppling the Berlin Wall. Or Nelson Mandela emerging from prison to end South Africa's era of apartheid. These stories inspired people around the world to think, to start conversations, to take action.

ViewChange.org combines the best global development video stories and groundbreaking new technology to enable individuals and organizations to stimulate change.


Inspiring Stories

For a decade, Link TV has been acquiring, creating, and broadcasting socially relevant stories from around the world. For ViewChange.org, we are bringing together powerful, evidence-based videos that demonstrate progress in global development. Working with non-profit organizations, film distributors, and individual filmmakers, we have combined at one site documentaries, news reports, and viewer-generated films of varying length and style. They will be shown both on ViewChange.org and on the Link TV national television network, which reaches 47 million US homes.


Innovative Technology

ViewChange.org uses the power of semantic Web technology to automatically generate links between our videos and the latest related content available across the Web. Rather than simply scanning for keywords, this new technology analyzes context and meaning to produce only the most relevant results, allowing viewers to have access to the most up-to-date information on each topic, find out which organizations are involved, and see what actions they can take. While the New York Times and Guardian newspapers are already embracing semantic Web technology, this is the first major endeavor to use this technology with video in the pursuit of a social-change mission.


Taking Action

Whether you are a congressional staffer considering foreign aid, the director of an organization feeding millions, or an engaged citizen who cares about the developing world, ViewChange.org can offer you human stories about the real progress being made in reducing poverty and suffering around the world. You can then learn more, share your findings, and discover ways to take action about the global issues you care about passionately. Partner groups are also able to contribute content to ViewChange.org. Organizations can embed our videos right on their own Web sites or encourage their members to send stories to others, using our rich media to stimulate citizen engagement and change.


About Link TV

Link TV is the nation’s largest independent television broadcaster, devoted to providing diverse global perspectives on news, current events and world culture not typically available on other U.S. networks. Link TV regularly airs a robust selection of award-winning films and documentaries that explore the human condition from diverse multi-cultural perspectives.

A pioneer in news and current affairs programming, Link TV has been recognized internationally for its original news programs including the Peabody Award-winning daily broadcast Mosaic: World News from the Middle East, which monitors and airs unedited selections of news reports from more than 38 Middle-Eastern broadcasters. Link TV offers its viewers original, innovative participatory programs promoting national and global citizen action.

Link TV is a nationwide television network available as basic service on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410 and on more than 50 urban cable systems, reaching a total of more than 47 million U.S. homes. For program schedule and internet streaming of Link TV's original programs, music videos, and artist interviews, visit LinkTV.org.

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