ViewChange Film Contest
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I submit a film?

    See our Get Started page.

  2. How do I vote on films?

    See our Get Started page.
  3. What can I win?

    See our About page.
  4. What are the submission categories?

    See our Categories page.
  5. Can I enter more than one film?

    Yes, but you are limited to one film per category and each submission must be a different film.  But you may only be a winner for one category. However, you may win the Grand Prize and one category.
  6. What file formats can I upload?

    WMV, AVI, MOV, or MPG file formats; files cannot exceed 100 MB.
  7. Do I have to be a member of Link TV to vote or submit?

    Yes, you must register with us so we can verify that you are not violating the voting rules of one vote per category per day. This film contest is also an opportunity to interact with other Link TV members, and be a part of the larger community.
  8. What rights am I agreeing to when I submit my film?

    See Rules & Regulations . In order for us to air your film on Link TV and on our website, you will have to give us a limited non-exclusive license for just the submitted version of your film. You will continue to own copyright and be allowed to enter your film in other competitions and festivals.
  9. I took some music off of a CD. Is this okay?

    All music used in your film submission must have releases or clearances from whoever owns the music rights. That’s why you are welcome to use our pre-cleared music.
  10. I uploaded my film but I don’t see it on the site yet. What happened?

    Your film is still under review by our moderators. You will receive email notification when your submission has been accepted and is live on the site or has been found unacceptable due to stated criteria.
  11. I’ve just seen an inappropriate comment, what can I do?

    All registered members have the ability to flag inappropriate comments. These are then reviewed by the moderator who will decide if these are inappropriate or not.