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Syed Mohammad Hassan | Local/Global Partnerships | 05:21
"Enchained" introduces low profile characters of Bheel and Kohli tribes trapped in modern day slavery in the province of Sind Pakistan. The movie describes about eighty nine Bheel tribe who suffered two harsh years in slavery. Sodo is an elder person of Bheel tribe who escaped slavery from the hand of slave holder and freed other eighty eight men, women and children who were trapped in slavery. It ... More
"Hands on Haiti: Feminine Training Center"
Tawnya Rush | Empowerment | 03:15
This "Hands on Haiti" story focuses on the positive side of Port au Prince, not the sadness and devastation. You'll get an inside look at a center started 33 years ago by a man who fell in love with the people of Haiti from the moment he first step foot into their country. So much attention has been on Haiti since the deadly earthquake, but this story began long before the country made headlines ... More
"Hands on Haiti: Power of the Meal"
Tawnya Rush | Sustainability | 04:16
This "Hands on Haiti" story is a menu with a mission giving insight to children who feed their hungry minds, bodies and souls three times a week to take part in the "Power of the Meal." Although food is scare and starvation is part of life in Haiti, you'll quickly see that the topic of food brings smiles, laughter and hope!
"Juffrou" - (english meaning - teacher)
Michelle Pretorius | Empowerment | 04:21
A heartwarming story set against the remnants of “apartheid” in South Africa. A documentary about poor, disadvantaged kids whose families are farm laborers on remote farms in the vast landscape of the Northern Cape. Their teacher is a young farmer’s wife who teaches the kids varying in age from 6 to 13 years of age single handedly in a one room building! The heartwarming story circles around ... More
12 Cameras: Haitian Women Share their Lives
Alessandra Villaamil | Empowerment | 04:51
There are an estimated 80,000 Haitian migrants, mostly women and mostly undocumented, living and working in the Dominican Republic. These women are easy targets for trafficking and exploitation. They face the constant fear of arbitrary deportation. Their Dominican-born children are denied citizenship, legal identity, valid passports and are largely denigrated by Dominican society. The Haitian migr ... More
2 Things Involved
Salome Chasnoff | Innovation | 05:12
An HIV epidemic is ravaging Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. At Embangweni Hospital, in the rural northern region, a skeleton staff serves a catchment area of over 120,000, and many of the staff are HIV positive. But this small group of devoted healthcare workers uses all the tools at its disposal, including theatre and music, to educate their communities about HIV/AIDS and other. ... More
A History of Czech Energy
Deborah Acosta | Sustainability | 04:16
Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country with a coal-fueled industrial past that's heading towards a greener future. Since the collapse of the Communist regime in the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the country has changed politically, socially and environmentally. New technologies have emerged, and with them, new sustainable ways to power the country and its polluted cities.
A Promise to Sow Seeds for the Future
Shravan Vidyarthi | Sustainability | 03:15
Due to the introduction of fertilizer, farmers in Sauri, Kenya are producing far more maize than ever before. A loan system makes the fertilizer available. Farmers now believe that in the future they will be economically independent and able to properly care for their children.
A Road to Bio-Happiness
Dinesh Lakhanpal | Sustainability | 05:11
The loss of biodiversity is alarming across known species groups. The tropical biomes that have a larger share of endemic biodiversity and face severe developmental pressures are believed to have a larger number of threatened species. Much of the threat is from human activities, largely in the form of conversion or degradation of habitats of biodiversity for alternate land uses. On this backg ... More
Act Locally Think Globally
Santoshi Nepal | Local/Global Partnerships | 05:17
An experimental film that explores global warming and climate change from a local perspective.