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ISSUE: Water

Will the wars of the 21st century be fought over water? The health of the human race and the global eco-system largely depends on access to clean water and sanitation. Yet, according to the United Nations Development Program, over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water, and 2.4 billion lack access to basic sanitation. This disproportion of critical resources heavily impacts poverty and economic and social development, jeopardizing political stability in water-deficient countries.


Though vast in scale, water inequality is being tackled by organizations all over the world, and they need your help. Browse this page to learn what you can do!


> Calls for action around the world:


charity: water says...

Raise money for wells online!



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Think outside the bottle!







Water 1st International says...
Get your community



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H2O Africa Foundation says...

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about clean water!



Global Water Challenge says...
Become a Water Warrior!


EARTH FOCUS: Carbon for Water
A new film by Evan Abramson and Carmen Elsa Lopez looks at the world's first carbon financed water scheme. Vestergaad Frandsen -- a company that makes products to prevent disease in the developing world -- shows how providing safe drinking water while cutting more than two million tons of carbon emissions a year is just good business.


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