What YOU Can Do!

Inspired by something you saw on Link TV? Well, the issues raised in our programs are often tackled by related non-profit groups. Explore this page and our ISSUES pages to take action with organizations striving to make change.

ISSUE: Women's Rights

ISSUE: Women's Rights

As women gain powerful leadership positions in some countries, in others, it seems progress for women's rights is at a standstill. Despite how far women have come in the past century, men still hold the majority of governmental power worldwide. Learn more here.
ISSUE: Climate Change

ISSUE: Climate Change

The days of climate change denial are quickly coming to an end. The discussion is no longer about IF it is happening, but to what extreme, and who, or what, is to blame. Find out what our global leaders are doing about this issue, and how you can take action!
ISSUE: Iran-US Relations

ISSUE: Iran-US Relations

Browse this page for a diverse range of perspectives and expert opinions on the future of Iran-US relations, nuclear arms, and the impact of sanctions on Iran.

Flex your constituent muscle!

Contact your local representative and make your voice heard. After all, they work for you!

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