Open Financial Records Policy

Section 396(l) (3) (B) of the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. 396, et. seq., as amended, ("Act") requires that each public telecommunications entity receiving funds from CPB shall be required:

"(i) to keep its books, records, and accounts in such form as may be required by the Corporation;

"(ii)(I) to undergo a biennial audit by independent certified public accountants or independent licensed public accountants certified or licensed by a regulatory authority of a State, which audit shall be in accordance with auditing standards developed by the Corporation, in consultation with the Comptroller General; or

"(II) to submit a financial statement in lieu of the audit required by subclause (I) if the Corporation determines that the cost of such audit on such entity is excessive in light of the financial condition of such entity; and

"(iii) to furnish biennially to the Corporation a copy of the audit report required pursuant to clause (ii) as well as such other information regarding finances (including an annual financial report) as the Corporation may require."

Pursuant to Section 396(l)(3)(B) of the Act, Link TV posts the following on its website at : (i) annual financial reports filed with CPB, (ii) any audit reports or financial statements on the financial condition of the station performed in compliance with Section 396 (l)(3)(B) of the Act (which requires at least a biennial audit or, under certain circumstances, a financial statement), and (iii) any other information regarding finances that CPB may request of an entity under Section 396 (l)(3)(B). For those members of the public unable or unwilling to use the Internet to access this information, all of said relevant information posted at shall be available for either : (i) viewing at a computer terminal located in Link's Human Resources department, or (ii) subject to advance cash payment, requesting photocopies of said documentation. Photocopies may be obtained by: (i) writing to: Link Legal Department, 2900 West Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91505; (ii) calling Link Member and Viewer Services at (747) 201-5238; or (iii) coming in person to the station and asking for the General Counsel. The cost for copying documents shall be the current market price for photocopying. Copies may be picked up at Link during normal business hours or, if requested, will be mailed to the requestor within seven (7) business days of the request.