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Whether you're in lockdown or just keeping a social distance, these are the Link TV recommendations for short films and videos to help you get through the pandemic blues.

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Truly Brave” – SF Gay Men's Chorus – USA

Kicking off the series is this simply wonderful music video from the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus who created this "virtual chorus" called "Truly Brave." It’s a mash-up of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" and Sara Bareilles' "Brave,’ and the song is performed through teleconference. It’s a poignant dedication to the "Truly Brave" first responders and healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19, and it’s a tearjerker, so get your tissues out!


"End of the World" – Dushyant Kappor – India

This is an intriguing short film by filmmaker and musical artist Dushyant Kappor from Uttar Pradesh, India. The film asks, “What if coronavirus is not a sickness but a cure, and we are the virus to the earth?" Take a look — and don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles.


"Date Nite" – JJ Shpall – USA

This film is from a filmmaker called JJ Shpall, based in Los Angeles, California. The film tells the story of a man who risks his life for a chance at human connection in the midst of a pandemic.


"Yearbook" – Bernardo Britto – Brazil / USA

If the world were about to end, and you had to put together a collection to describe the history of earth, what you choose to include? This short animation is called "Yearbook" by Bernardo Britto.


"Messages from Quarantine" – Niccolò Natali and Nikola Lorenzin – Italy

Italian film makers Niccolò Natali and Nikola Lorenzin from Milan created this haunting video for New York Times’ Op-Docs. Using a drone and Whatsapp audio, it’s a fantastically simple, moving idea.


"Pale Blue Dot" – Lorie Conway – Boston, USA

This film is created by Boston filmmaker, Lorie Conway. Lorie says that, as a filmmaker, she wanted to find a way to honor the caregivers on the frontlines of the pandemic, while also saying that we’re all in this together. In this video, she blends voices from around the world with words from Carl Sagan’s seminal book “Pale Blue Dot," inspired by an image taken by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990. 


"Let's Fight COVID-19" – Masaka Kids Africana – Uganda

This music video is simply a gem. It’s from a group called Masaka Kids Africana, a foundation based in Uganda composed of African kids who have lost one or both of their parents through war, famine and disease.  Through dance and song, these children connect to each other and the world. Their Covid song is not only educational, but it inspires hope and joy. Check out their website to find out more about the foundation and how to get involved.


"Russian Ballet Group Perform Whilst Doing COVID Chores" – Russia

The dancers from the Mikhailovsky Theatre in the city of St. Petersburg in the Leningrad Oblast of western Russia shared this video of their performing in their homes during Russia's coronavirus lockdown. It puts a whole new spin on doing housework during coronavirus quarantine.


"My Enemy, My Brother" – Ann Shin – Canada

Covid-19 has, if nothing else, proved our globally connected we all are. "My Enemy, My Brother" by Ann Shin is a real life story about two former enemies, Zahed and Najah, who fought in the Iran-Iraq War and later became blood brothers for life. This film is particularly relevant right now as we think about how common humanity can reach across borders.


"Contact" – Katy Wang – U.K.

Katy Wang’s Kingston University grad film "Contact" is a charming reminder that real human connection is something special which deserves to be cherished. The seven minute short is simple, deeply touching and refreshingly life-affirming.


"When the World Stopped" – Michael S. Cohen – USA

This short film by Michael S. Cohen uses webcams around the world to capture how the Covid-19 pandemic has emptied the streets, beaches and towns around the world, giving us an eerie glimpse of what our most famous places would look like without humans.


"Self Quarantined for the Holidays" – Junting Zhou – China / USA

Chinese filmmaker Junting Zhou describes going back to Guangzhou during the Spring Festival in 2020 when the Coronavirus outbreak started. His short film shows what it was like being stuck at home with his parents.


"Quarantine" – Hamza Mujtaba – U.K. 

A doctor and filmmaker from Bradford, England, Hamza Mujtaba made this poignant film about life during the coronavirus pandemic in his home town. He blends the Queen’s speech with imagery of self-isolation and essential workers.


"Shut Off" – Thomas J. Elliot – Hong Kong

In this short film by Thomas J. Elliot, a filmmaker based in Hong Kong, Christian, the main character, is on a business trip for his company in remote China, when he gets unexpectedly delayed due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.


"Being Hear" – Gordon Hempton – USA

"Being Hear" is a stunning film about the simple art of listening to the sounds of nature.


"Kids Explain the Coronavirus" – The Atlantic

In this video, children get the chance to share their thoughts and feelings about the pandemic.


"Photojournalists on the Frontlines of Documenting Coronavirus" – Elettra Fiumi – Italy

This is an extraordinary film by a group of Italian photojournalists covering the crisis across Italy.


"A COVID-19 story. The Killing Of Time" – Neil Murphy Miguel – Barcelona

Spanish filmmaker Neil Murphy Miguel turns his personal experience of the lockdown into a chance for personal growth.


"Undocumented: How the Coronavirus Uniquely Threatens Undocumented People" – Nathan Fitch – USA

"Undocumented: How the Coronavirus Uniquely Threatens Undocumented People" shows the eye opening point of view of an undocumented worker during the Covid-19 crisis.


"Quaranteenie" – Lauren DeMichiei, Jasper Serkoch and Joe Serkoch – USA

The small child actor in this comical short film will cheer anyone up.


"Pandemic" – Sebastian Jern  – Sweden

Swedish filmmaker Sebastian Jern created a truly incredible miniature world to illustrate his abstract vision of the pandemic.

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