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Prop 1
Loans for Veterans and Housing Programs
Prop 2
Millionaire's Taxes Pay for Homelessness Prevention
Prop 3
Another Proposition on Water?
Prop 4
Fixing Children's Hospitals
Prop 5
Home Value to Change for Owners 55 Plus
Prop 6
Lower Gas Taxes, Fewer Road Repairs
Prop 7
Should Daylight Savings be Year-Round?
Prop 8
Dialysis Patients to be Offered Refunds for Care
Prop 10
Should Local Governments Adopt Rent Control?
Prop 11
Ambulance Employees On-Call During Breaks
Prop 12
Does it Matter Where Your Meat Comes From?

About Ballot Brief

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So, what are all those offices on your ballot? Board of Equalization, Controller, Secretary of State - what do they actually do? And what's the big deal with California's top two primary system? "SoCal Connected" brings you all the information you need to get through the 2018 election season with "Ballot Brief." Here you'll find a combination of videos, articles and explainers that break down what offices are up for grabs and what it means for voters.

Click here for a printable version of the propositions.

Encuentra la guía para las proposiciones de California en español aqui.

Read an overview of our election night coverage.