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Prop 14
Stem Cell Research
Prop 15
Commercial Property Tax
Prop 16
Affirmative Action
Prop 17
Parolee Voting Rights
Prop 18
Voting at Age 17
Prop 19
Tax Assessment Transfers
Prop 20
Tougher Criminal Sentencing
Prop 21
Rent Control Expansion
Prop 22
App-Based Contractors
Prop 23
Dialysis Clinics
Prop 24
Consumer Privacy
Prop 25
Bail Reform


So, what are all those propositions on your ballot? What do they actually mean? "Ballot Brief" brings you all the information you need to get through the 2020 election season. Here you'll find explainers that break down what the propositions are and what they mean for voters.

Presented, in part, by the Resnick Family Foundation.