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Women Who Killed It In 2017

When looking back on 2017, it will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most revolutionary times in history for female empowerment, and a sparking point for the next steps in the ongoing fight for equality. From the Women's Marches to the #MeToo movement's reemergence, we've seen females globally stepping forward to say, "We're here, we're united, and we're not going to be silent anymore." As we move forward into 2018, lets take a look back at some of our coverage of some of the most influential women of the past year.

The Bravest Woman In Afghanistan

What in the World: Afghanistan - Malalai Joya

Called "the bravest woman in Afghanistan" by the BBC, Malalai Joya was dismissed from Parliament after denouncing other members of the Afghan Parliament who are warlords and war criminals. She refused to retract her speech, and now spends her time as a women's rights activist. This episode looks at her works and the dangers she and those who harbor her risk on a daily basis. 

The Woman Who First Invoked the Words

Meet the Woman Who Started #MeToo Campaign

Long before the "Weinstein effect" brought a slew of women stepping forward from all industries to speak out against men in power for sexual assault and harassment, Tarana Burke began "Me Too" as a way to unite survivors to exchange empathy. Amy Goodman interviews Burke about her work with youth and her thoughts on the ongoing work of bringing the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct to light. We also speak with Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, and Soraya Chemaly, a journalist who covers the intersection of gender and politics.

The Woman Who Writes and Resists

Resistance and Revolutionary Poetry: Aja Monet

On this episode of Laura Flanders, we spoke with Aja Monet, who is a slam poet and active member of the #SayHerName campaign, which raises awareness of police brutality against women of color. Monet talks about free-speech, accountability, the poet June Jordan and the fight for Palestinian liberation. Monet also discusses her new book "My Mother was a Freedom Fighter."

The Woman Who Will Not Be Interrupted

Kamala Harris - You Have the Power

Kamala Harris has been one of the most outspoken, unwavering, and singled-out members of the United States Senate. She's the woman who made Jeff Sessions "nervous" and was called "hysterical" by a CNN pundit, and through it all she maintains poise and continues to work toward both her political policy goals and her work against hate-crimes and inequality. Watch her speech at the Women's March about the universal importance of "women's issues" and what those issues are. 

The Woman Who Sang Our Song

Artbound Presents Studio A: MILCK's 'Quiet'

Connie Lim, who grew up in Palos Verdes and studied piano and opera as a child, had been releasing music for years before she adopted the name MILCK in 2016. Yet, she was still a relative unknown. It was at the Women's March, where she performed "Quiet," which catapulted her to fame. Watch her sing this song on Studio A.

The Woman Who Is Our Pioneer

Last Gasp of a Dying White Male Supremacy

Since the 1960's, Angela Davis has been active in grassroots organizations aimed to shed light upon and dismantle racism, sexism, and the prison-industrial system. In this clip, she offers a voice of hope to the American people about the current administration and what it can mean for our country.

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