Cooking For The Guatemalan Dream

"Cooking for the Guatemalan Dream" is a short documentary about 19-year-old chef school student Cecilia Cuc Alonzo, from Cantel, Guatemala. The film explores the lack of positive prospects for many young people living in Guatemala and how immigrating North is often the only option. Cecilia discusses the obstacles her brother-in-law Jose encountered after immigrating to the United States and how, after feeling very disconnected from his son, he moved back home. Cecilia herself is receiving chef training and is hopeful about her future in Guatemala.

The "Guatemalan Dream" is described by Guatemalans as having oppotrtunites, education, a job, and having dignity at home and with your family. Guatemalans in this film would like to be thinking of their own dream, rather than the American Dream and of only having prosperity and opportunity by venturing North. 

DESGUA is a grassroots organization based in Xela, which started a restaurant-come-chef school called Cafe RED. R stands for Restaurant, E for popular school, and D for fair trade school. Cafe RED intends to help 15 young Guatemalans, including Cecilia, to create sustainable careers with unique business models in order to revitalize the local economies surrounding Xela. Cafe RED also aims to be "a bridge of work for return immigrants." Participants of the program say that while their initiative is growing, many Guatemalans would rather eat fast food like McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC rather than eating healthy local food at Cafe RED. "It's very hard to compete with big business. We'd like people to know our "traditional (Guatemalan) food."

For more information visit desgua.org/initiatives/cafe-r-e-d/


Courtesy of Actuality Media.


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