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Eight Recipes From Around the World

Mast`o Musir
Antonio Diaz

As you prepare to spend the holidays around the dinner table with loved ones, you might be seeking a little global inspiration to expand your menu beyond the traditional fruit cake and turkey recipes. Link TV takes you to the kitchens of grandmothers and migrants to learn eight world food recipes that have been passed down for generations. Explore the kitchens of nostalgic grandmothers and the backyards of native peoples, as you reflect on the role of food in shaping our worldview and preserving our cultures. Plus, catch up on articles and videos about Cuba's agricultural system, the popularity of a Chinese restaurant in an unlikely country, and how fine African dining is connecting the Nigerian community to Southern locals in Georgia. Enjoy!

nopales-tepary bean salad
Nopales Tepary Bean Salad  | Tending the Wild

1. Decolonizing Your Diet - Nopales Tepary Bean Salad
Check out recipes that "reindigenize" our diets by promoting native food plants, such as this Nopales Tepary Bean Salad. This and other recipes are featured in "Tending the Wild," our series shining a light on the environmental knowledge of indigenous peoples.

Ukoy: A Filipino Fritter Side Dish
Ukoy: A Filipino Fritter Side Dish |  Garrett Ziegler/Flickr/Creative Commons License

2. Philippines: Ukoy - Fritter Side Dish

Chef Alvin Cailan shares his recipe for ukoy, a Filipino fritter side dish.

3. Lebanon: Mehchi - Grape Leaves
A filmmaker cooks with his 97-year-old grandmother Rosa in Brazil. She shares her recipe for stuffed Lebanese grape leaves (called Mehchi in Arabic). 

Plum Knedle | iStock/​simonidadjordjevic

4. Croatia: Knedle - Gnocchi-like Dessert
While making a gnocchi-like dessert, Iva and her grandmother discuss Iva's difficult assimilation when she migrated from Yugoslavia to the island of Cyprus, and how her grandmother's frequent visits to Cyprus made it more like home.

Mast`o Musir Yogurt Dip
Mast`o Musir yogurt dip. |  Antonio Diaz

5. Iran: Mast`o Musir - Dip with 'Hair of Garlic'
Logmeh chef Debbie Michail shares her recipe for Mast`o Musir, a versatile yogurt-based dip from her Middle-Eastern heritage. 

Lait de Poule
Lait de Poule  | Grandmas Project

6. France: Egg Nog
French filmmaker Irvin makes an egg nog recipe with his beloved grandmother.

Kimchi |  Jin Li/Flickr/Creative Commons License

7. Korea: Traditional Cabbage Kimchi
This recipe for cabbage and daikon kimchi is a traditional Korean specialty from Los Angeles’ Jun Won Banchan Shop.

8. Mexico: Mole Poblano
This traditional recipe for mole poblano comes from the family behind the legendary Chiles Secos stand in Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market.

More Food Stories to Enjoy During the Holiday Break

Lessons to Be Learned from Cuba's Food System

Marc Frank, an American journalist who has lived in Cuba for more than two decades, shares his experiences and observations of the food system in Cuba.

A Chinese Restaurant in... Mauritius?

In the middle of the Indian Ocean sits Chez Manuel, a restaurant run by Manuel's wife Colette. Together, they preserve their Chinese culture by sharing its flavor with their community.

Mouthwatering Fine African Dining Makes It to the South

An unlikely find in Georgia makes fresh Nigerian food for both locals and African transplants craving the taste of home.