Fruits of Silence

DIB Juices is a simple juice stand that is entirely staffed by deaf employees—the name of the organization stands for Deaf In Business. Started in 2005, DIB Juices now is open in multiple locations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company's mission is to improve the livelihood of local deaf people through training, employment, and entrepreneurship. The company motto is "Stayin' Healthy Lookin' Good." 

The founder of DIB Juices, Dr. Allen Teh says he wanted to provide people with disabilities job training that would provide lifelong skills, rather than just bussing tables or cleaning up. Workers at the juice kiosk say they feel empowered and enjoy working on a team that offers healthy snacks and drinks, while supervisors say interacting with the amazing employees has changed their lives.

DIB Juices has goals of expanding across Malaysia and beyond. The company also aims to hire employees with other disabilities, including people in wheelchairs or people with autism.

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