Family Is Everything During The Holidays

The Grandma's Project series features filmmakers from all over the world as they whip up iconic family recipes with their grandmothers. In France, filmmaker Irvin rides his bicycle to his grandmother Simone's countryside home in Pace, near Rennes, France. Irvin has nicknamed his grandmother "Mamie Yoda" due to her height and wisdom. Once he arrives safely, Irvin gives Mamie a special gift to wear while cooking, a Dragon Ball Z apron as they used to watch the popular anime show together while Irvin was growing up. Delighted, Mamie and Irvin take a walk outside in her beautiful garden and look at some of the wonderful farmland nearby where Mamie grew up. Mamie discusses growing older and how she doesn't ever want to move into a senior citizen home, despite feeling troubled that her memory may be slowly deteriorating. Mamie then shows Irvin how to maker her famous egg nog Irvin had while growing up, complete with fresh milk from Mamie's farm. The egg nog doesn't turn out quite how they expected, but the time they have spent together is the most valuable. For more on Grandma's Project or to even submit a proposal to make your own film cooking with your grandmother, please visit: grandmasproject.org Mamie Yoda's egg nog recipe: 

1. In a saucepan, pour a bowl of milk. Then add two teaspoons of sugar. Add some cinnamon or nutmeg if you like. Mix and heat without boiling.

2. Separate the egg yolk of the white. Add the yolk into the bowl. Then pour the hot milk and mix fast. Finally, you can add some alcohol like bourbon, whisky or eau de vie.


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