Grandmas Project - Molokheya

In this episode of Grandma's Project, French Filmmaker Jonas Pariente cooks with his grandmother, Nano. She has two goals in life: emptying her freezers and filling up her grandchildren’s.

Jonas and Nano meet one day to cook a traditional Egyptian dish, Molokheya, which is a meat stew based on the Egyptian herb Molokheya. In Egypt one can get it fresh, as Nano would prefer, but she has plenty of it dried instead.

Born in Cairo to a Jewish family, while cooking Nano discusses with Jonas being married at 18 and a half, and wishing that she would have had the chance to go to college. Nano's family were forced out of Egypt a few years later because due to anit-semitism in Egypt during the time and settled in France. Jonas and his grandmother enjoy the cultural link between the food they eat and the memories they exude. Jonas says, "I cook to transmit." And of course, Nano doesn't let Jonas leave without taking quite a few frozen items out of the freezer.

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