Mozzarella Inc.

A former drum and bass DJ and an ex-club promoter from Italy are providing London's restaurants with the freshest Buffalo mozzarella on the market and they won't stop at anything to be the best. Even if it costs them their friendship. "I'm a mozzarella pusher," says Andrea, the former club promoter and co-owner of the company, Bianca la Bufala. As the "muscle" behind the business, he collects payments from past-due clients.

Mozzarella may appear to be a no-frills cheese to many but it actually needs many environmental conditions to keep it at it's best state. The pair package the mozzarella before dawn and then drive the crowded streets of London looking for buyers, primarily at Italian restaurants. "Italians are really picky about their mozzarella—they will expect perfection."

Will the duo succumb to the pressures of a new business wholly dependent on its product or will they be dead in the mozzarella water?


Watch their crazy, chaotic and passionate lives in "Mozzarella, Inc.," courtesy of Banyak Films. Directed by Matan Rochlitz.


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