On The Street Looking To Survive

On The Street Looking To Survive

Behind every food truck there is a story. When this short film was made, there were only three places in New York to get Cambodian food, one of which was Cambodian refugee Jerry Ley's food truck, Torsu. When Jerry Ley lost his New York City restaurants, he had one option left: he rigged up an old food truck and took his highly-acclaimed Cambodian cuisine onto the streets. This film tells the story of Jerry and his family and their journey to keep their heads above water in the high stress restaurant world. The family named the food truck Torsu after the Cambodia world for "struggle," something they know much about. After battling with contractors working on the restaruants cost him a million dollars, he says he had no choice but to go to the truck to make ends meet. "It's more stressful (now) then when I was a refugee," Jerry says. Jerry still loves to cook, learning recipes from his mother's traditional cooking. His son mans the orders and his wife helps on the truck as well, making it a family affair for a family who stays together despite the odds.

Directed, filmed, and produced by Joshua Frank.


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