Latin Pulse Headlines - 03/25/16

Obama Visits Cuba and Argentina

President Barack Obama visited Cuba and Argentina in an historic trip this week. He is the first U.S. president to visit Cuba since 1928.

Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro agreed on changing the direction of U.S. –Cuban relations but clashed on a few topics. Obama’s rhetoric invoked a need to address human rights concerns and held a meeting with Cuban dissidents. Castro highlighted the need for the U.S. to end its economic embargo and return the naval base at Guantanamo to Cuban control.

Supporting Cubans’ 80 percent approval rating of Obama, people turned out in large numbers to attend his speeches and events. The approval ratings of Raul and his brother Fidel Castro are much lower in the 40 percent range.

Obama’s rounded out his week in Latin America with a stop in Argentina. He met with the country’s new president, Mauricio Macri. Obama and Macri paid tribute to the victims of Argentina’s Dirty War in the 1970s and 1980s. The visit coincided with the 40th anniversary of the coop that brought a military regime to power in Argentina, which initiated the Dirty War against dissidents. Obama vowed to release more information about the role played by the U.S. in supporting the military regime.

Thousands of Argentinians protested against Obama’s visit.

Tampa Bay Rays Play Cuba’s National Team

The Tampa Bay Rays defeated Cuba’s national baseball team 4-1 in an historic exhibition game that marked the first time a Major League Baseball team played Cuba since 1999.

Resumen del juego Cuba vs. Tampa Bay Rays (Visita de Obama a Cuba), by CiberCuba


Top Image: Photo of Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro is from the U.S. government and is in the public domain.

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