Latin Pulse Headlines - 07/08/16

Eduardo Cunha Steps Down

The head of Brazil’s lower house of Congress officially resigned after the country’s highest court suspended him two months ago based on corruption charges.

Since Cunha’s suspension, members of his party, the Brazilian Democratic Movement, have blocked proceedings in the country’s chamber of deputies. They have been demanding his position is reinstated and refuse to work with his replacement.

“Only my resignation has the power to end this stalemate,” Cunha said. “To restore order and independence to this chamber… and to insure the stability of our republic.”

Prosecutors accuse Cunha of accepting $5 million in illegal payments. This money was taken from state oil firm Petrobras. Despite resigning from his leadership post, he retains his seat in congress, which gives him immunity from prosecution.


Judge Freezes Former Argentinian President’s Accounts

A judge in Argentina has frozen the bank accounts of former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She faces various investigations and charges that she led corruption schemes in her government.

Prosecutors say Fernandez and members of her family may have received at least $5 million in corrupt payments, some linked to charges she manipulated the value of Argentina’s peso for personal benefit.

Fernandez denies the charges and says she is being persecuted by the new conservative government.

Hundreds of riot police officers were deployed this week to guard the courts that held hearings on the charges. Thousands took to the streets in Buenos Aires to show their support for Fernandez.

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