Latin Pulse Headlines - 12/11/15

Venezuelan Opposition Gains Control of Congress

Venezuelans react after opposition wins control of congress, by AFP News Agency


For the first time since the current Venezuelan constitution was enacted in 1999, opposition groups hold a super majority in congress after a landslide victory. 

David Smilde of Tulane University and advocacy group Washington Office on Latin America, said this ia turning point.

"This election was about the economy and it was fundamentally about issues of governance," Smilde said. "The economic situation is providing a daily drama for everybody here in Venezuela. That’s what has people exhausted, tired, and hoping for a change.”

Hear more from Smilde in this week's program.

Argentinian President Inaugurated Amid Controversy

Former Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner protested the inauguration of new President Mauricio Macri. She refused to attend inauguration ceremonies and held a massive rally criticizing Macri on her last night in office, with thousands cheering and urging her to run for president again in four years. The new president asked the Argentine Supreme Court to end her term in office by 12 hours to end her presidency at midnight.

Costa Rica Continues Sheltering Cubans

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis continues sheltering the 5,000 refugees who are stuck on the Costa Rican border with Nicaragua. The neighboring country has closed its borders to Cubans who are traveling northward toward the United States. The number of refugees at this border has more than doubled in recent months. 

Solis vows to continue negotiating with other countries to accept refugees despite failed attempts with Guatemala and Belize.

Scientists Discover 'Lord of the Rings' Bug

Iandumoema Smeagol
Iandumoema Smeagol, by MSc. Rafael Fonseca-Ferreira

Brazilian researchers have named a new insect species after 'Lord of the Rings' character Smeagel due to its cavernous lifestyle.
A type of harvestman, the eyeless creature is bright yellow, looks similar to a daddy longlegs, and lives in the caves of Brazilian state Minas Gerais.

Researchers are calling for protection of this region before mining eliminates the newly discovered insects entirely.

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