Latin Pulse Headlines - 12/18/15

Corruption Scandal Widens in Brazil

Brazil: Police raid the house of Eduardo Cunha, by teleSUR English


Federal prosecutors have asked for the official removal of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff from the country's Chamber of Deputies. 

Police also have raided the home of Eduardo Cunha and other high-ranking politicians in connection to the widening corruption scandal linked to Brazil's state oil company Petrobras. Cunha is behind impeachment efforts to remove Dousseff from office.

Members of the country's Chamber of Deputies say Rousseff overstepped her powers by hiding federal expenditures from congress. 

This week, the Rousseff's Worker's Party organized demonstrations to show support for the president. She addressed one of these meetings and said impeachment was an insult to all the voters who re-elected her.

The president's popularity has tumbled since 2014 elections, falling to less than 10 percent. 


Commercial Airlines Granted Access to Cuba

The U.S. and Cuba have agreed to allow direct flights by U.S. air carriers to the island. Commercial airlines American, United, Southwest, and JetBlue all expressed interest in opening direct routes to the country.

American Airlines has operated charter services to Cuba since 1991 but direct service ended more than 50 years ago. The airline says it hopes to offer as many as 30 flights per day to the island.

Travel experts anticipate this will not be available until spring or summer and U.S. travelers will continue facing U.S. embargo restrictions. 


Baseball Helps Thaw Diplomatic Relations 

A group of U.S. all-stars and Hall of Famers toured Cuba this week holding workshops and baseball clinics. The group featured eight players who had defected from Cuba.

While the Cuban government had reviled the defectors by censoring news of their accomplishments and refusing to air shows in which they were featured, this time, the players were welcomed by Cuban baseball officials and young fans who warmly greeted them. Some players were allowed to make extended stops to see their families.


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