Latin Pulse Headlines - 5/13/16

The Olympic Show Must Go On

Despite political chaos, the Zika Virus, and ill preparation, the International Olympic Committee says the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will proceed. 

This week, the Harvard Public Review published a Canadian public health expert’s critique on the event. The article anticipates a wide spread of the virus because many international tourists visiting the country will carry the disease back home with them.
Brazilian labor officials also released a report this week noting 11 workers died in preparations for the games. This is a much higher number than the number of workers who died in preparations for the World Cup two years ago.

The Olympic Committee’s assurances that the games will proceed as scheduled come less than a week after Major League Baseball moved games due to Zika.


Riot Police Breaks Opposition Protests

Riot police clashed with protesters in Caracas, Venezuela at marches calling for the removal of President Nicolas Maduro.

Using tear gas and rubber bullets, police broke up a protest led by opposition politicians, who say the country’s electoral officials are taking too long to approve a recall election. 

The opposition has collected 1.8 million signatures from voters who want Maduro to step down.


Embassy Cat
Embassy Cat | Twitter


Julian Assange's New Kittizen Companion

What’s the perfect gift for a dad who doesn’t get out much? Julian Assange’s children decided the answer was a cat. 

Next month marks four years since the founder of Wikileaks took up residence in Ecuador’s embassy in London. Assange sought asylum in the embassy to avoid questioning related to sexual assault charges in Sweden. British officials are poised to arrest Assange and send him to Sweden if he ever leaves the embassy.

The kitten now accompanies Assange while he spends much of his time running on a treadmill, communicating with his Wikileaks colleagues, and connecting with people on Twitter. Naturally, the kitten now has its own Twitter as well. Under the alias of Embassy Cat, it has attracted more than 8,000 followers within a matter of days. One of the kitten’s tweets included a swipe at the mascot of the British foreign service, who is also a cat.

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