Latin Pulse Headlines - 9/23/16

Six Latin American Countries Boycott Temer's UN Address | teleSUR

Temer Defends His Rise to Presidency Before UN
In Brazilian President Michel Temer’s address to the UN General Assembly, he said former president Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment and removal were completely constitutional. 

“Everything took place, I must stress, fully in line and with the utmost respect to the constitutional order,” Temer said. “The fact that we gave the world that token is an example that there can be no democracy without the rule of law.”

Temer previously served as Rousseff’s vice president despite their affiliations to different political parties. Since his ascension to presidency, Rousseff has called Temer a traitor who engineered her removal.

Temer is currently under investigation and is accused of fraud and using illegal campaign donations.

Maduro Recall On Hold
Venezuelan electoral authorities ruled a recall election could not be held against President Nicolas Maduro until next year.
Opposition groups blaming Maduro for the country’s food shortages and hyper-inflation were pushing for a recall and elections this year.

However, electoral authorities made this harder by restricting rules for a recall even further, requiring the opposition to gather 4 million signatures during a 3-day period in October.

Wi-Fi Coming to the Malecon
Cuba announced the government will install Wi-Fi along the Malecon, a historic seaside walkway in Havana.

The wireless connection will benefit tourists and locals alike, as the five-mile walkway runs between downtown Havana and the Gulf of Mexico.

Although the Internet is available in Cuba, the connection is typically expensive and very slow, often only running at dial-up speeds. Currently, about 5 percent of Cubans have access to the Internet.



The Paralympic Games End On a Somber Note
The Paralympics ended in Rio de Janeiro last week with a special tribute at the closing ceremonies to Iranian Paralympic cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad, 48, who died during the games.

Golbarnezhad was killed during a cycling race. He lost one of his legs to a mine in the Iraq-Iran War in the 1980s but went on to compete internationally as a weightlifter. He switched to cycling a decade ago due to injuries.

Top image: Michel Temer addresses the 71st General Assembly at the UN. Agencia Brasil/Beto Barata/PR

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