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A Look Back at The Deadliest Chemical War in History

WARNING: Film contains mature/graphic images which may not suitable for some viewers.

A look back on the strained relationship between Iran and the U.S., "Opposing Violence Towars Iran" revisits past battles and occupations. The film explores how violent events, such as The Gulf War from 1980-88, have shaped Iranians' views on the West. Iranian artists and musicians, including rapper Hichkas, comment on how their work has been inspired by memories of war along with U.S. influence. 
The Gasing of Halabja in 1988, which has been recognized to be perpatrated under the leadership of Sadam Hussein, was the largest chemical weapons attack against civilians in history, killing and injury as many as 15,000 Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan. Kurdish Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor condemns it as a one-of-a-kind catastrophe that a leader would do this to his own people.
"Remembering Halabja can make you think how to prevent that [from happening again]," he said. "What can you do to stop making it happen again, as humans--not as Kurds, not as Iranians, not as Iraqis, not as citizens of any country, but as humans."

The artists explain that despite past experiences that have made Iranians feel uneasy and distrustful of the West, they remain committed to peace.

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