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Congolese Children Erasing History Of Horror With Sports and Arts Programs

The wars that have raged in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for the past decade and a half have had horrific consequences for the nation’s youth. More than 30,000 children have been drugged and coerced into fighting as child soldiers in the conflict, and the number of girls and young women who have been raped is unknowable. However, coping with these difficulties, a variety of organizations are putting into action their faith in the regenerative power of sports, music, dance, and the arts. 

Yole! Africa provides a space where young people can draw, play music, dance, and play the drums. The Association for the Support of the Oppressed organizes games, music, and theater activities for groups of children. And Promo Jeunes Basket helps instill values of respect and sincerity through playing the game of basketball. By providing opportunities for young people to show off their talents and express themselves in a supportive environment, these organizations strive to help children overcome past trauma. 

This short film takes a brief look into the how these small, grassroots efforts are helping young people recover from the effects of a brutal civil war.

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