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Thank you to our supporters who donated more than $34,000 through our crowdfunding campaign efforts to send Link TV independent journalists to cover the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Made possible by the dedicated support of viewers and members, Link TV will be bringing you unique insight from independent journalists on the ground in Cleveland and Philadelphia, starting at 8:00 AM Pacific (11:00am ET/8am PT) each weekday from July 18 through July 29.

The generous donations received through this campaign cover all basic travel expenses to send a Link TV team of 6 across the nation, including part of the "Laura Flanders Show" crew, and bring you the real stories from inside and outside each party convention. Your support is making this possible:

- Two "Laura Flanders Show" weekly specials, airing July 22 and July 29, will bring independent perspectives from the conventions.

- Ten extra programs from "Democracy Now!" Each weekday, an hour-long special focused on convention coverage anchored by Amy Goodman will follow the regular broadcasts of "Democracy Now!"

- Reports for Link TV’s "Mosaic" and the "Laura Flanders Show" on how international broadcasters like the BBC, China State Television, Russian TV and others are covering the conventions.

- Ongoing updates to our special "Ballot Brief" website, a voter resource that compares party platforms, enhances understanding of the issues and candidates, and encourages participation.

- Your support also covered rental of production equipment and other expenses associated with each convention coverage programming.


There will also be occasional Facebook Live updates on the Link TV page, and more to be announced soon! Stay connected by visiting our website LinkTV.org/BallotBrief. You can also follow us on social media and pull our convention updates by searching #BallotBrief.

Please email your questions to marcyrodriguez@kcet.org or call us directly 747.201.5816. If you would like to visit the campaign page you can simply click here



We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate the special support of this campaign, and our viewers’ ongoing contributions through the year. We could have not done this without you!

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