Your Favorite Link TV Pieces of 2017

The past year has been marked by many changes and upsets but 2017 also surfaced some of the most inspiring stories of resistance. While Link TV has kept you up to date with our block of international daily news broadcasts (keep an eye out for new ones coming in 2018), our numbers show you also enjoyed hearing from your favorite activists and grassroots leaders. Link TV has compiled some of your favorite videos and stories of the year. Follow the links below to enjoy our seven most popular pieces of 2017.

Your Favorite Restorative Justice Advocate

Former Black Panther Ericka Huggins Advocates for Restorative Justice

Ericka Huggins is the renowned political prisoner, human rights activist — and educator, poet, and professor of Sociology and African American Studies at Merritt College in Oakland. In this “Bioneers” speech, the believer of “the greatness of the human heart” discusses the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change.

Your Favorite Historic Food Article

An Indigenous Recipe That Could Have Prevented Centuries of Illness


When European colonists failed to learn a proper recipe passed down by the ancient farmers of present-day Mexico, they inadvertently caused a deadly epidemic that killed many 19th-century sharecroppers in the South. Learn more in this article from our partner Southern Foodways Alliance.

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Your Favorite Women’s Rights Fighter

She Escaped ISIS Captivity to Fight Against Human Trafficking

Nadia Murad was 21 when the Islamic State invaded and destroyed her Yazidi community in Iraq, then took her and other girls as young as 8 years old as sex slaves. After being raped and beaten repeatedly by militants for a month, she managed to escape. Today, she has become a global advocate for victims of sex trafficking. Hear from her in this “Trust Docs” story.

Your Favorite Indigenous Environmental Leader

Tom Goldtooth Asks the World to Reevaluate Our Relationship to Mother Earth

Tom Goldtooth - Stopping the Privatization of Nature and Commodification of Mother Earth

The executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Tom Goldtooth, calls on everyone to turn to “indigenuity” to find sustainable solutions and stop privatizing nature.

Your Favorite Climate Change Mobilizer

Bill McKibben Shows Us How to Win the Climate Change Battle

Bill McKibben, the founder of the 350.org grassroots campaign, describes a hopeful yet urgent future requiring immediate action, in which a combination of global citizen engagement, scientific advances and political support could end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Your Favorite Untold History

The Survival of California's Indians



No matter what you learned in fourth grade, California Indians didn't vanish when the '49ers arrived.

Your Favorite Explainer of DAPL’s Impact

An Introduction to the Dakota Access Pipeline Issue

Dakota Access Pipeline and Waterways

More than a year of protests were unable to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), but the pipeline still serves as a reminder that the fight for environmental sanity and the fight for Native people's human rights are inextricably intertwined. Explore our interactive maps to see the profound effects DAPL has on surrounding communities and beyond.


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