Carla Pineda

Carla Pineda

Carla Pineda is a site editor and producer for Link TV and KCET. She is from Los Angeles of Guatemalan and Salvadoran descent.

Carla Pineda
A group at the Cultural Conservancy removes dried grain corn from the cob to preserve the seeds in their seed library. | Still from the "Cultivating Native Foodways with the Cultural Conservancy" episode of "Tending Nature."
Tending Nature

5 Indigenous Stories to Help Us Reckon with the Past and Honor Native Peoples

Here are a few programs and articles we recommend to help center your Thanksgiving celebration on honoring and amplifying Native stories, seeking truth about our history, and acknowledging Indigenous presence and wisdom.
Some of the people finding solutions to overhaul broken food systems. | Stills from "Broken Bread"
Broken Bread

The Fixers: Meet the People Overhauling the Broken Food System

The broken food system is a hydra-headed problem. Meet the people working to make significant change on multiple fronts.
Mina Tikal Alvarado-Goldberg, age 14  “My maternal grandmother Martha was born in the city with roots from Guanagazapa/Escuintla, San Marcos and San Jose Pinula. | Mayan Alvarado-Gold / Courtesy of Las Fotos Project

Portraits of Resilience: Photography Connects Mayan Women With Their Guatemalan History

“Maya Womxn in LA” gives young Guatemalan women in the U.S. a chance to connect with their Mayan heritage through photography.
Larb Hotspots
The Migrant Kitchen

Anatomy of Larb

Larb is a versatile Thai minced meat salad with many spellings, many ingredients and many fans.  
Dancers from Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America school for indigenous students celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in the Hollywood area on October 8, 2017. | David McNew/Getty Images

How Indigenous Peoples Day Counters ‘500 Years of Oppression’

The idea of rejecting a holiday honoring Columbus was formally discussed for the first time at an international conference about discrimination against indigenous populations in Geneva in 1977.
batista fire squad original
Link Voices

Deportations, Assassinations, and Dictator Nations: A Timeline of U.S. Intervention in Latin America

A timeline of major events in history that have impacted the Latino presence in the U.S.
Chantelle Comardelle, the tribal executive secretary of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw band, walks with her family on the site destined for the tribe's relocation. | Nicky Milne/Thomson Reuters Foundation
Earth Focus

Photo Essay: A Sinking Louisiana Builds Climate Resilience

A collection photographs showing a Louisiana that is balancing cultural retention with climate adaptation, from the 9th Ward in New Orleans to sinking Isle de Jean Charles.
Detail of California infographic | Image: Dennis Nishi/KCETLink
Earth Focus

Our 8 Most Popular Environmental Stories of 2017

Some of our most popular environmental stories of 2017 helped us understand our environment, showcased its beauty and described the challenges it faces.
Dakota Access Pipeline and Waterways

Your Favorite Link TV Pieces of 2017

Link TV has compiled some of your favorite videos and stories of 2017.
Heather Booth and Fannie Lou Hamer | Jewish Women's Archive
Heather Booth: Changing The World

The Most Influential Woman You Might Have Never Heard Of

Meet Heather Booth, the activist and community organizer who has been the go-to strategist for everyone, from Julian Bond to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
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