Carren Jao

Carren Jao is a digital producer for KCET and PBS SoCal. She is responsible for developing editorial strategies and supporting content for KCET and PBS SoCal’s original productions, as well as digital projects.  She manages the development of articles and short videos for the Emmy award-winning arts and culture series Artbound, Southland Sessions, the James Beard-nominated food series The Migrant Kitchen, Lost LA and more. 

Previously, Carren has worked as a full-time freelance journalist. Her work has been published around the world, including the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Wired UK, Surface, Dwell and many others. She has also been nominated for best online journalist for her work covering the issues and communities of the Los Angeles River for KCET’s Confluence.

You can find her online and on Twitter

Multigenerational members of Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra during rehearsals | Samantha Lee ab s11

An Episode Guide to Artbound Season 11

Join us as we discover the many ways that art is an essential part of the human experience on "Artbound." Tune in with this episode guide.
A black and white photo of Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra playing | Samantha Lee ab s11

The Past That Resounds Today: A New Season of 'Artbound' Begins

This season, "Artbound" explores how communities have fought to survive, to stay resilient by creating the art forms, forums and spaces they need to band together as communities, combat erasure and unapologetically express themselves. 
A video camera showing an image of people gathered in the frame | Kushagra Kevat/Unsplash
Fine Cut

Watch the Future of Filmmaking Unfold: An Episode Guide for 'Fine Cut' Season 21

Tune in Wednesdays at 10 p.m. PT to catch a glimpse of tomorrow's big names in filmmaking. Here's a guide to upcoming episodes.
"PROBE Summer of 1980" float at Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade, 1980. | ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, USC Libraries
Lost L.A.

50 Years of L.A. Pride, The World’s First Permitted Gay Pride Parade, in Posters

The L.A. Pride Parade and Festival in West Hollywood is a fixture of Los Angeles life, but 50 years ago, it was at the center of a heated battle between the authorities and the LGBT community’s wish to be publicly gay. 
Eggslut's the Slut | Johnny Autry

42 Ambitious Recipes to Fuel Your Culinary Cravings

Tired of the same old recipes? Here are some ambitious projects to undertake at home to excite your palate. 
deviled porkchops america's test kitchen

47 Easy-to-Make Recipes to Liven Up Your Regular Menu

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Lewis MacAdams, founder of Friends of the Los Angeles River, stands in the river as bulldozers clear vegetation from its channel in anticipation of heavy El Nino-driven rains, expected in the winter of 1997-98 | Blake Gumprecht, courtesy of FoLAR
Earth Focus

He Made Waves on the River: Lewis MacAdams Passes Away

Without Lewis MacAdams, an avowed poet, Los Angeles might have completely forgotten the river that birthed the city. This leader in the river movement passed away at 75 years old.
Nikko Mueller sitting on a ladder on top of a park table at the San Clemente Border Station for "Three Border Ecologies" | Lena Martinez Miller

Audio Slideshow: Artists on the U.S. Border They Never Knew About

All around the United States is a 100-mile border zone where one can be searched and one's things seized. Policies way beyond what the constitution allows is regularly implemented. Artists drew on select sites. Here's what they realized.
Gospel singer | Geoffrey Froment/Flickr/Creative Commons

Playlist: The Sound of Gospel

Gospel music is the music of hope and fortitude even amid the greatest of odds. Listen and be moved by the music.
Heath Ceramics primary image | Still from "Heath Ceramics: The Making of a California Classic"

Visual Timeline: The Making of a California Classic Company, Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics is a hallmark of mid-century modern design. See a visual timeline of the company's pivotal moments using many rare photos.
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