Momo Chang

Momo Chang

Momo Chang is a freelance journalist based in Oakland, CA. Her work focuses on telling cultural stories through the lens of healthcare, immigration, and food. She has written for the East Bay Express, SF Chronicle, KQED Bay Area Bites, and WIRED. She is a contributing editor for Hyphen magazine and is the Content Manager at the Center for Asian American Media.

Momo Chang
A customer at Vicky's Nail Salon receives a manicure in Alameda, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019.  | Alison Yin for KCET
City Rising

When Nail Salon Workers Organize, Customers Also Benefit

An organization based out of a community health clinic in Oakland has pioneered the way for safer conditions for nail salon workers.
Lamees Dahbour and her family in La Cocina | Jim Sullivan
The Migrant Kitchen

La Cocina: An Incubator Kitchen Where Women, Immigrants Shine

Since it opened in 2005, La Cocina has grown 35 food businesses. This incubator kitchen gives mostly women, immigrants, moms and refugees a chance to succeed as a food entrepreneur in a highly competitive and male-dominated industry.
Louis Trevino (left) and Vincent Medina are the founders of mak-'amham and Café Ohlone. | Momo Chang
Tending Nature

Café Ohlone Blends Food with Language to Honor Native Ancestors

The founders of mak’amham and Café Ohlone in the Bay Area want to bring back Indigenous ways and honor the ancestors who preserved traditions in the face of colonization.
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