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RCHIVE PHOTO: A Kenyan woman prepares ribbons ahead of World Aids Day in Nairobi, November 25, 2004. | REUTERS/Antony Njuguna

Lockdowns Block LGBT+ People with HIV from Receiving Medicine

Lockdowns are preventing LGBT+ people with HIV from getting the life-saving treatment they need.
Women gesture during a demonstration in support of women and against gender violence in front of the Palace of the Argentine National Congress, in Buenos Aires, Argentina March 9, 2020. | REUTERS/Mariana Greif

Femicides in Argentina Reach 10-year High Under Coronavirus Lockdown

Gender-based violence has been rising in locked-down countries, leaving women unable to seek help while tensions due to coronavirus escalate.
Women carry pink crosses during the "Day without women" protest, as part of the escalation of historic protests against gender violence, in Mexico City, Mexico, March 9, 2020. | REUTERS/Gustavo Graf

Murders of Women in Mexico Rise Amid Fears of Lockdown Violence

Murders of women surge amid widespread gang violence in Mexico.
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