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  • "Steven" can't travel, open a bank account, work legally, or even get married. Living in Britain, away from his home in Mozambique, he is stateless.
  • "e²" is a series about the economies of being environmentally conscious. Shot in high definition with cinematic lenses, e² chronicles global efforts to solve pressing ecological challenges. From energy consumption to design efficiency, policy to industry, the series documents the innovators whose work is reducing humans' impact on the environment. Interviews with experts, policymakers and...

  • Women on the Frontline is a brutally honest account of the silent war being waged against women across the world. As of January 2008, 185 countries were party to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Yet UN estimates show that violent abuses not only persist, but are on the rise. Introduced by Annie Lennox and shot by all-women crews in countries such as...
  • ... health care and education -- as well as a lack of accountability from banks that committed massive financial fraud can be ...
  • It’s one of the West’s most famed stories: the tragic 1909 account of Willie Boy, a man who killed out of love for a young woman named Carlota. Artist Lewis deSoto re-imagines the tale through a Native American lens in his visual-audio project, “Carlota.” 
  • Eugene Jarecki’s explosive film balances contradictory accounts of this polarizing leader whose actions continue to reverberate all over the world. Multiple voices shed light on the man and his politics in an unforgettable film.

  • While her mother is in the hospital, Maya makes Amjad’s life difficult. Amjad, on Bushra’s advice, decides on a new set of rules for Maya. Amjad opens a Facebook account, which leads him to have a virtual affair with another woman.

  • Starring Nick Frost of "Shaun of the Dead" and created by Emmy-winning writer-director Robert B. Weide of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Mr. Sloane" is a bittersweet comedy drama about a buttoned-down man in crisis.

    It's December 1969 and Jeremy Sloane is at the end of his rope -- literally. He's been sacked from his accounting job and his wife Janet has left him to "find herself."...

  • "Justice for My Sister" follows one Guatemalan woman during her three-year battle to hold her sister's killer accountable. She encounters many obstacles: a police record that is missing, a judge who is accused of killing his own wife, and witnesses who are too afraid to testify. In the end, Rebeca emerges as a leader in her community with a message for others: justice is possible.

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    Renowned energy expert Michael T. Klare provides an invaluable account of the new and increasingly dangerous competition for the world's dwindling natural resources.